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Y’all ain’t ready for Kevin Federline‘s new video.

Nor will you ever be. Because he sucks. Just clearing that up. The deadbeat husband and aspiring rap star hit Sin City this weekend to shoot the music video for his new song, “Lose Control.” Somehow, the fact that K-Fed is going to have a music video produced for him never seems to get any less funny. Maybe that’s just us.

In any case, the video was shot at the Vegas hot spot Pure, inside Caesar’s Palace. Federline strolled through the club Saturday night minus his famous spouse, the embattled and very pregnant Britney Spears, but flanked by many homeboys, yo.

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Britney spent the night chilling at Tao nightclub and restaurant, hanging with her William Morris agent, Jason Trawick.

Britney is carrying their second child in October, and the pair are letting its gender remain a surprise. Will they have a daughter (heaven forbid), or will little Sean Preston be greeted with a baby boy. Or, as K-Fed would call it, a boyyyy-eeeeeeeeeee! Sorry.

In addition to Britney tagging along for support, Federline had some backup from mixing wizard DJ AM, who joined him on stage for the filming of the video.

We’re not entirely clear on what a “mixing wizard” does, but it most likely involves editing out all of Kevin’s vocals. At the very least, one can dream.

On his MySpace page, K-Fed announced the time, date and location of the shoot to encourage fans to attend the filming of the video. But since MySpace is always slow as hell, and Federline is a complete tool, few showed up.

NOTE: We’re not actually sure of that, but come on — look who we’re talking about. It’s a safe bet. Sigh. If only what happened in Vegas really did stay there, as those retarded commercials state. Alas, this video is probably going to reach the general public at some point.