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Wait, the Pussycat Dolls dance explicitly and sing sexually charged lyrics?

What’s next, Kevin Federline is sort of like white trash?

Malaysian authorities recently fined organizers of a concert by the chart-topping female group for allowing the singers to wear skimpy costumes and for their “sexually suggestive routines,” a news report said Wednesday.

Two Pussycat Dolls
(AFP/Getty Images)

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council, which administers the suburb where the concert was held in late July, fined organizers Absolute Entertainment 10,000 ringgit ($2,714) for flouting decency regulations.

The Gossip isn’t sure which is stranger: that Malaysia wasn’t aware of what it was getting into with a band whose hits include “Don Cha” and “Buttons?” Or that its currency is known as a “ringgit?”

“The Pussycat Dolls were guilty of performing sexually suggestive routines on stage,” council President Mohamad Arif Abdul Rahman said. “In terms of their eye-popping attire, well, there’s a lot of proof of that from our sources and the media.”

Eye-popping, jaw-dropping, pants-changing, however you wish to refer to the ladies’ garb, it’s a good thing the six-member group didn’t roll out their next single, “Anal sex orgy” for any Muslim crowds in Malaysia as part of its global tour.

A spokesman for Absolute Entertainment, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they were meeting with council officials midday Wednesday. She declined to provide further details.

The government in this Southeast Asian nation had previously warned Western artistes not to be too “raunchy” so as not to offend local sensitivities when performing in Malaysia.

Sorry, Nicole, that means you’ll have to leave the beef stick at home.