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While Matthew Fox has enjoyed success on a little show called Lost, another Party of Five alum has resurfaced on a slightly less popular show.

Yes, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been back on the small screen for a couple years now. While the actress was skeptical about the talking to spirits when she started working on Ghost Whisperer, she’s now a lot more open to the idea. This is especially true after one of the on-set psychics helped her get in touch with a deceased grandmother.

If only the same individual could help The O.C. get in touch with its entertaining side.

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Ghost Whisperer, meanwhile, is based on real-life spirit guide (isn’t that sort of like “plastic silverware?”) James Van Praagh and medium Mary Ann Winkowski; the two are often around the set as advisers – or in this case, inspiration for the lead stars.

Love Hewitt said they helped her spead to the dead: “We had an evening with James where he did this thing and my grandmother came through … She just wanted to say hello and tell me that she was looking out for me. It was really nice.”

Sure it was. Everyone likes when relatives return from the dead and say hello.

Mel Gibson is just hoping the same soon happens to his career.