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October 4. Feels like an eternity from now, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider how long it’s been since the world of Lost was turned on its already incredible, confounding head in the May season finale.

At least you can now purchase the Season Two DVD. You can also look over responses from various members of the cast to questions readers of USA Today submitted. Here they are:

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond)
Q: Desmond said, “We are in a bloody snow globe.’ What did he mean by that?

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A: “He said that to Jack while sitting on the beach after he’d been sailing, trying to get off the island for nine or ten days. Each time he got sucked back into the vortex of the island. He meant that we’re in our own little universe. This little island is it. We’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.”

Matthew Fox (Jack)
Q: One of the biggest flashback mysteries was Christian Shepherd’s (Jack’s father) argument with a blond Australian woman in the episode Two for the Road. Christian wanted to see his “daughter” and the woman would not let him in her house. Wild speculation followed and most people believe Claire could be Jack’s half sister. Will there be any more information revealed this season?

A: “I have no doubt that Claire is Jack’s half sister. Trust me – the people that are creating this story do not throw (stuff) like that around lightly. He knocked on a door and a woman said, ‘You’re not being a part of her life. I want you out of her life.’ People who pay really close attention to the show know that that woman is Claire’s mother. And that’s why Christian ended up going to Australia. That was put there for people to think that specific thing and so therefore I think that we will find out that that is absolutely true and in fact that her child is Jack’s nephew. In my mind, this is a slam dunk!”

Terry O’Quinn (Locke)
Q: Will the third season see more of the “omnipotent Locke,” the “easily manipulated Locke” or perhaps a side we haven’t seen before?

A: “I don’t think they’re going to go back; it’s an evolution. Locke and I were frustrated last season. He thought he was seeking the meaning of life, but then found this thing where he had to push this button every few minutes, which wasn’t very satisfying. He’s got to move on. He’s got to find his place in this family. He’s looking for someone else to acknowledge him in such a way that will define him to himself.”

Josh Holloway (Sawyer)
Q: I am a Lost fan from Norway and Sawyer is my favorite character. My question is do you think Sawyer will ever find out who the REAL Mr. Sawyer is?

A: “I hope so. I hope they answer that. I want to see where that plays out. I want to see him face that guy. Maybe it’s the bearded guy (Mr. Friendly) on the island. There are probably lots of interesting twists to come in the Sawyer flashbacks.”

Daniel Dae Kim (Jin)
Q: Which role (besides your own) would you like to play if you had the opportunity to pick?

A: “Good question. I like different sides of a lot of characters. Locke has a very fantastic mysterious side. Eko has this spiritual side to him. And Jack has this conflicted heroism. And I love the character I play too!”

Jorge Garcia (Hurley)
Q: “If Lost were a reality show, which character do you think would still be standing (not voted off) on the last episode and why?”

A: “I have no idea. It’s stupid to say Hurley, but why wouldn’t I vote for myself? He’s fairly well liked. I think it would be cool to see him lead a little more this season. There is going to be a need for people to take charge, and the opportunity may be there for him to do it.”

Q: Your character came this close to hooking up with Cynthia Watros last season. Did you lose an on-set bet that she got killed off before the big romantic scene?

A: “That romance was fun. It meant a lot to me because a guy my size usually doesn’t get a love interest in a prime time show. It was a special thing as far as breaking categories. I’m curious how this tragedy may effect him – and finding out that Michael was the cause. There may be some kind of change in him – perhaps more stoic. Or maybe vengeful.”

Bryan Burk (producer)
Q: (Among) the background people that haven’t been speaking, have any of them actually moved into speaking roles or do they just bring in new people and pretend that they were in the background all along?

A: “We use a lot of the same atmosphere people. There are people there who are still there from the pilot, wearing the same outfits from when the plane crashed. We keep referencing Scott and Steve – one of them has died, but I’m not sure if the writers even know which one anymore. There were two actors playing Scott and Steve, but we believe they switched names along the way … It’s absolutely possible that these people could get lines. Who gets lines changes on a minute by minute basis. One of our editors ended up getting a role in the first episode.”