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Allen Iverson, who?

As sneaker sales for Reebok have slowed down, the company is turning away from big-time athletes and toward big-time hotties. First in line? Scarlett Johansson. The actress is working on a new clothing and footwear line that should hit high-end department stores and boutiques next spring.

The Scarlett (Hearts) Rbk collection tries way too hard to be witty. It also will feature athletic-inspired pieces such as hoodies, T-shirts and track jackets with retro influences from the ’70s and ’80s.

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“Scarlett loves that timeframe, and it’s very relevant to Reebok because some of our first shoes were introduced (then),” said Amy Schaeffer, Reebok’s vice president of lifestyle design.

Johansson stars in Woody Allen’s Scoop, opening Friday, and will also be featured prominently in Reebok’s new women’s ad campaign next spring.

The move is designed to expand Reebok’s fan base. Female customers are more likely listen to Scarlet’s pitch that that of Celtics star Paul Pierce. No offense to Paul. Johansson just has nicer feet.

“The fashion content of the brand hasn’t kept up in the last couple of years,” industry analyst John Shanley said.

The beautiful actress has taken a very active role in creating the Reebok collection from the initial concept, Schaeffer said. She’s had several product and design meetings with the company, including a three-hour session Monday prior to her visit yesterday to its headquarters.

“I like the idea of exercise and aerobics being glamorous: Olivia Newton-John and women exercising in false eyelashes,” Johansson said. “I am basically designing clothing for my friends, and a lot of my friends are also regular girls with lovely curves and feminine figures.”

We can only hope Victoria’s Secret comes calling next.