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Our favorite 9021-HO will be rewarded handsomely from her estranged father’s passing.

Yes, Tori Spelling fans, your busomy blonde hero will be seeing green after all. So both of you can relax now.

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After her father, Aaron, died on June 18, there was speculation that Candy Spelling would block her daughter from any inheritance. Why? The pair haven’t had the best of relationships since Candy started dating Mark Nathanson, which Tori referred to as “inappropriate.”

And this came from the same woman who lied to her parents about sharing a beach house with David Silver!

A source, however, said Tori will receive “a significant portion” of Aaron Spelling’s estimated $500 million estate. Adds the friends: “If Candy had her way, Tori wouldn’t have gotten a thing.”

But now it looks like Donna Martin has graduated – into a higher financial class!