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On Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5, we picked up right where things left off with AshLee, Clare and Graham and the aftermath of Monday's train wreck.

The second half of this special Bachelor in Paradise two-night EVENT promised to ramp up the drama tenfold following AshLee's slut shaming of Clare.

It turned out that was only the beginning. There was also a threesome involved later in the show (seriously) and someone else dropped the L-bomb.

Yeah, it was a lot to take in Tuesday night. Follow the link to watch Bachelor in Paradise online, then come along as we recap all the insanity in Mexico ...

After Graham storming off to conclude the previous installment, Michelle went to check on him ... and we learned he was actually having an anxiety attack.

However, he pulled it together and accepted AshLee's rose.

Talk about a letdown. Although, this somehow caused Lacy to get sick and she had to be taken away an ambulance, so that was randomly noteworthy.

Not a lot of drama on the AshLee-Graham front, though, and Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5 proceeded without a hitch after that non-cliffhanger.

Michelle chose Cody with her rose, Sarah chose Robert, and Jackie chose Jesse, sending home Marquel and Kalon from Paradise. Sorry, Marquel.

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AshLee Frazier came off as an incredibly nice, sweet person on The Bachelor a few seasons ago. A bit clingy, perhaps, but certainly kind and well-meaning.

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has stripped away that facade and then some, as AshLee continues to stoop to new lows when it comes to Clare Crawley.

AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley

Earlier this season, when Clare asked Graham Bunn on a date, AshLee - who called dibs on Graham after meeting him for 30 minutes - lost her $h!t.

Clare Crawley, Frazier lamented like a rather unstable human being behind closed doors, not only moved in on her turf, she's "not even pretty."

Ouch. Not exactly helping one's image of AshLee, especially when Clare did absolutely nothing wrong and even went out of her way to make it up to her.

Fast forward to Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 4 last night, when Ash started chatting up Zack Kalter, the new guy Clare has been quasi-dating.

“She had sex in the ocean,” AshLee told Zack, warning him that he should probably date other people. “That speaks a lot to her character. Who does that?"

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 4 welcomed back another blast from the past, and featured more of the surprising twists that have become its calling card.

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you know that means tears, drama, more tears, fights and overall nonsense involving Bachelor and Bachelorette castoffs.

Even better? This is the first half of a special two-night Bachelor in Paradise EVENT concluding tonight! Good times! On to Monday night's recap ...

Michelle Money, having been thrown a life raft of sorts when Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca left together last week, was spurned at the start.

Robert Graham was given the next date card, and chose Sarah Herron, not the Money Maker. At least she helped Sarah braid her hair for their date.

Then it was time for a new arrival: Cody Sattler!

The affable gym rat from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette arrived and promptly asked out Clare, who confessed that she was kind of dating Zack.

After Cody persisted, she went to talk to Zack, who she discovered may not have been that into her after all ... but still shot down Cody. Who gave his date to Marcus.

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Clare Crawley, the woman Juan Pablo Galavis dumped in favor of Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor this season, made no secret of how she felt about it.

Especially after he told her he loves f--king her but doesn't really know her, Clare had no qualms about laying into a man she was admittedly crazy about.

He's probably not going to enjoy hearing what advice she has for him now, according to Extra, which asked what she'd say to him if she had the chance:

"Treat a woman how you want someone to treat your daughter."


Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley
Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley in their final face to face moment ever. It was not pretty.

Not unlike Andi Dorfman after she peaced out of the show, Clare gained a sizable following with the way she handled things after Juan Pablo cut her loose.

She put him in his place and walked off with her head held high.

Clare Crawley clearly meant what she said when she expressed that she would never want her children to have a father who behaves like this guy.

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"Clare Crawley" and "dodged a bullet" could be synonymous at this point, after a Bachelor season finale where Juan Pablo Galavis broke her heart.

Not only has she moved on since being dumped, but she's happier than ever!

"I have zero regrets," she said earlier this week in an interview with GMA.

Saying she went on the reality show with a goal of being 100 percent herself, and open, Clare Crawley says "because I thought and then acted, I'm proud of that."

Another reason why she has no regrets? The new man in her life.

"I'm very happy," the Sacramento, Calif., hair stylist said, without mentioning his name, and joking that "The good thing is, it's not on TV right now."

Crawley was cheered by many Bachelor fans when she told off Juan Pablo Galavis, who blindsided her in favor of Nikki Ferrell on the March 10 episode.

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Clare Crawley says The Bachelor season finale rejection she endured at the hands of Juan Pablo Galavis, who left her in tears, was for the best in the end.

On Good Morning America today, she said she has "zero regrets" about her TV romance, despite the fact that its ending on last week's finale was cringe-worthy.

"I went into this feeling I'm going to be 100 percent open and I'm going to be 100 percent myself and I'm going to think about what I do," said Clare Crawley.

"And, because I thought and then acted, I'm proud of that."

Even though Clare was "falling in love" with Juan Pablo, she had "that doubt in my mind" following their helicopter conversation on their final date.

Apparently, Clare implored Juan Pablo at the time to "just tell me you love me," and he replies by saying he loves f--king her but doesn't really know her.

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Nikki Ferrell won the final rose on The Bachelor finale Monday. Clare Crawley was arguably the real winner, though, by virtue of not being with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Clare was so distraught over something Juan Pablo said that she was in tears, and still unwilling to even face him on the After the Final Rose special ... months later.

She wouldn't even repeat it on the show, but hinted at the nature of his offensive comment. Now we now know exactly what he said to her, and it's pretty insane:

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley
Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley in their final face to face moment ever. It was not pretty.

Where did it all go wrong for Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Galavis, a man she gushed over repeatedly all season and was likely more into than anyone else?

On their final one-on-one date, they enjoyed a helicopter ride above St. Lucia, at which point cameras showed Juan Pablo whispering something in her ear.

"I'm shocked," Clare said after hearing this comment.

"He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting and offensive."

An insider says that thing was, and we quote:

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Worst. Bachelor. Ever?

It all came down to this on ABC's The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 11, the epic season finale, followed of course by the After the Final Rose special.

We came into this evening with just two women remaining on this "journey." Would Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become the future Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis?

That was the question on everyone's mind heading into the final rose ceremony when, as predicted, Juan Pablo chose one woman and rejected the other.

So who won the final rose? Did he propose? And are they even together?

The Bachelor Top Two

Turns out The Bachelor spoilers were pretty spot on here in 2014.

Not only was the longtime speculation regarding the winner accurate, so were the details surrounding this weird season and how the aftermath played out.

So who won and who lost (and/or dodged a bullet)? Read on ...

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Everyone poses in Playboy for a different reason.

Some get pressured into it by their mother (hello, Kim Kardashian), some are banging the owner (hi, Holly Madison) and some don't exactly have the talent to do much else (no offense, Denise Richards).

But the following nine stars are yet to bare their full birthdays suit for the men's magazine - and we think it's time they do so!

Because we wanna see their goods? In some cases. But in others, we sincerely think that stripping down will be good for their careers and/or their self-esteem.

So for our sake and for their sake, here's a look at some actresses, models and reality stars who should have Hugh Hefner on speed dial:

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.

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The Bachelor Season 18 comes to a gripping conclusion tonight, when Juan Pablo Galavis gets down on one knee and pops the question to his soulmate.

Or not. But someone will win the final rose, FWIW.

Barring a stunning development in which Juan pulls a Brad Womack and picks no one this evening either Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley will win Season 18.

We could actually see that happening, for sure, but The Bachelor spoilers indicate he does in fact choose someone. But who? And how? And does it last?

For those details, just read on, The Bachelor fans ...

So will Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become Juan Pablo's wife? We're going to go ahead and say no and no, based on what we know of this guy.

That said, Galavis does choose one woman over the other:

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