25 Reasons Justin Bieber Needs to Get Punched

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Justin Bieber makes us wanna punch him sometimes. Not hard enough to really injure him, but to knock some sense into the little punk. Here is why.

1. He Bragged About Taking Selena Gomez's Virginity

He Bragged About Taking Selena Gomez's Virginity
The guy actually had the nerve to brag about how he took Selena Gomez's v-card and how she was so in love with him at the time. Classy move.

2. He Doesn't Just Say No

He Doesn't Just Say No
Sizzurp. Weed. Booze. Meds. This guy and his douchebag posse are like a freaking traveling Silk Road.

3. He Gives Canada a Bad Name

He Gives Canada a Bad Name
Justin is doing his best to ruin the reputation of an entire nation, which is particularly devastating as The Great White North typically doesn't produce miscreants like this.

4. He Yells at Photographers

Sure, the paparazzi suck, and yes, a little more space might help cool his jets. Still, acting like a petulant, entitled brat and threatening people doesn't help his cause.

5. He Called Selena a Talentless P--sy

He Called Selena a Talentless P--sy
That's just not very nice.

6. His Tattoos

His Tattoos
Dude, you are not hard. Just stop trying. Also, the irony of having Bible verses tattooed on yourself and then behaving beyond badly 24/7/365 does not go unnoticed.

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This just sounds like an article written by a bitter teenage boy, if you're going to try and prove your point don't come off as bitter and childish,present the facts and word them in the way an ADULT would




The world clearly hates him. GOOD!


don't forget, it's USA that made him a celebrity, not Canada or rest of the World

Ken 69

17. Tell this hairless boy MEN start shaving at 16 21. His mom is a clueless flake


Surely an article inciting violence is illegal?


Hey Justin Bieber


Hey sexy

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