9 Engagement Cards You WISH You Could Send

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We all wish we could say these things to our newly engaged friends, even though we obviously never would.

1. Hope It's a Good One

Hope It's a Good One
You're stuck with it. Literally and otherwise.

2. Thanks For the Reminder(s)!

Thanks For the Reminder(s)!
You are SO not a Bridezilla. Not in the least.

3. So Interesting

So Interesting
Seriously, your wedding plans sound so important and great for you.

4. Destination Wedding!!!

Destination Wedding!!!
Your choice of destination. Not ours.

5. Great Invite!

Great Invite!
Such attention to detail that no one noticed!

6. Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor
You gotta meet this guy who you'll likely forget exists except every time you open the album.

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