Nicki Minaj Decries Double Booty Standard, Wonders Why Ass is UNACCEPTABLE

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Nicki Minaj and her buttocks are all over the Internet at the moment, as the singer unveiled the cover art for Anaconda, which features Minaj squatting in a G-string.

It's quite revealing.

But it's also quite unnerving for Minaj, who isn't happy with the way she's been received online.

The artist took to Instagram last night and posted multiple photos of models such as Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge striking similar sexy poses, with Minaj wondering why these pictures were deemed "ACCEPTABLE."

White Buttocks
Lady Rear End

She then the 31-year-old rapper re-published her racy "Anaconda" single and included with it a one word caption: "UNACCEPTABLE."

Does Minaj make a point here?

Does the public respond different to white women baring their rear ends than it does to African-American women doing the same?

Ponder. Respond. Debate.

And however you feel about Nicki's argument, just enjoy what the Web has come up with for Minaj's R-Rated image ... meme style!


Here's the difference. Nicki Minaj knows how guys respond to her photos. This one is definitely one that would get sexual attention from men. Knowing that, she still uses the photo. I feel no sympathy. The other women are models, they do what their photographer says, and still don't come as quite as sexual. Nicki should have known she'd get this type of feedback

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It looks like the posted photos of girls with no butts, then posted herself. And she's actually got one, rather its fake or not. Lol - I'm sure it would've been different if she had posted girls with big butts instead of those models..

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She doesn't get it.
They are models. It's their job to be in various forms of undress. Nikki Minaj is already a successful artist. It's unnecessary to objectify herself.

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these small assses with no hips & all look like F*GGOT-ASSES.
I need flesh on of the bodythe bones & hips!!

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