Joan Rivers Defends Israel, Disses Selena Gomez in EPIC Rant!

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While most 81-year-old celebrities are retiring from public life or riding out the final years of their careers while carefully avoiding controversies that might tarnish their legacy, Joan Rivers has been ruffling more feathers than ever lately, and whether you love or hate her, you've gotta admit it's been entertaining.

Joan's recent tirades are too numerous to list here, but highlights include Rivers accusing Miley Cyrus of incest, and suggesting that Kim Kardashian has slept with millions of men.

But while she's consistently raised the bar for shocking rants throughout her career, Rivers may have outdone herself at LAX today when she stopped making fun of celebrities and started getting serious about the bloody conflict between Israelis and Palestinians:

The video above features Joan providing her unabashed two cents on the topic, and if you've tweeted #FreePalestine recently, you may want skip the clip so as to avoid smashing your laptop in a fit of rage.

"If New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out," Rivers said, in reference to Hamas rocket attacks against Israel. "Palestinians, you cannot throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves."

She goes on like that (the video really has to be seen to be believed), passionately defending Israel and coming off as oddly blasé about the many civilian casualties in Gaza.

If it all sounds like a bit too much reality for a Friday afternoon, we recommend skipping to the 1:23 mark to see Joan doing what she does best: eviscerating young starlets!

Told that Selena Gomez had posted pro-Palestinian messages on her Instagram page, Joan responded as only she can:

"Oh Selena Gomez! That college grad! Let's see if she can spell 'Palestinian!'"

Still nicer than Rivers' Kristen Stewart comments.

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