Lily Allen: I'm Not Allowed to Talk About Game of Thrones!

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Back in May, Lily Allen claimed she was offered a role on Game of Thrones, but turned it down because the part required her to be felt up by her brother.

As though that story weren't strange enough, it got even weirder when said brother - Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy on HBO's most watched series - revealed that his big sister was lying and in had, in fact, never been offered a part on the series.

Lily Allen Up In A Bun Hair
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Now, it seems Alfie has ordered Lily to make like Hodor and say little to nothing on the topic of GoT.

Asked by an Australian radio station if she'd actually auditioned for a part on the series, Allen pled the fifth, claiming her brother had expressly forbidden her from spreading more Thrones-related BS:

"You know what, I am not going to talk about it," Allen told the interviewer. "I am not even allowed to mention the letters of what the show starts with. Alfie put me under strict orders."

Given her tendency to tell weird lies about the producers demanding incestuous grope sessions, it's probably best that Lily simply keeps mum on the topic.

It's unfortunate that we'll never get to see the former pop princess outfitted in Iron Islands garb, but we've already witnessed Lily dancing in Spanx on Instagram, so there's very little she could show us on GoT that we haven't already seen.

Sadly, she'll never join our list of Thrones characters who look completely different in real life:


Didn't Theon get his balls whacked off? So why is he feeling up on anybody since he can't get it up and spill it out - so to speak.

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@ Mainstreeter

She was probably offered the part of Theon's sister Asha (no doubt because she is Alfie's sister), who if you remember in season 2 tricked Theon into thinking she was some common girl when they met and allowed him to fondle her as they rode to the castle on the Iron Islands.

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so shut up then............

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