Jenelle Evans to Kaiser: Stop Being Stubborn Like Ur Daddy and Drop LOL!

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Growing more uncomfortable by the day, Jenelle Evans is kind of over being pregnant as the ninth month drags on. She's imploring son Kaiser to hurry it up!

Jenelle Evans: VERY Pregnant With Jace

The Teen Mom 2 star tweeted this week, in jest of course, “Come on now Kaiser ... It’s time to drop now ... Lol stubborn like ur daddy. @GroundLevelUp.”

Did Jenelle just call her unborn baby “stubborn like your daddy?!” Yes, yes she did. And not inaccurately, from what we've seen of Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle has been VERY open about her second pregnancy on social media, so it’s no surprise that she is still sharing thoughts 24/7 until the final days.

On Instagram, Jenelle has shared MANY pics showing off her growing baby bump, including an adorable one of her and her first son, Jace, 5, on vacation.

When she's not posting adorable pictures of Jace and her growing bump, Jenelle Evans can be found using her accounts to debunk bogus rumors.

One of the most recent gossip items claimed that Jenelle was already in labor, and another stated she would be induced before her June 29 due date.

“I’m being induced tonight? Lmao that’s news to me,” the reality star wrote.

Previously, she laughed off speculation that she was giving Kaiser up for adoption in the wake of a nuclear fight with Nathan (there were a couple).

Soon enough, the rumor mill will be quieted for good when Jenelle pops.

Until then, enjoy some of the countless baby bump pics she's shared:

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Selfie
Jenelle posted this pic to Instagram. She's currently 29 weeks pregnant.

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why so called stars are degrading themselves so low.. This is not something that should be celebrated, it calls for weeping and wailing in the family. where is the sissified man who got her impregnated?




This is disgusting. What has AMERICA come to to? People actually watch this crap, much less read this derelict's posts on twitter. Wow! CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!! You have just sunk to ANOTHER ALL TIME LOW!!


At least I got it off my chest. Shame to everyone that gives any recognition to this horrible, horrible family.


I posted my opinion of this family, MTV and Yahoo but they did not show it. Wonder why!


where is my post?


I have worked hard for the past 41 years - have always held full time employment - only taken breaks for 6 weeks when I had each of my two children. I am so envious of these girls that seem to have a new car every few weeks - move from one home to another - are able to vacation. I don't know how their lives will end up and maybe it won't be as pretty a picture as presented, but when I read these articles it just kills me when I struggle every day financially.


We are all doomed... pregnant teenager is a STAR!!!!!... 20 years ago, a teenager pregnant at 16 meant shame for her and the whole family....This "reality shows" bull crap must stop making stars out of uneducated, stupid and loose girls.... The message sent is WRONG!...

@ We are doomed....

Why do women put on a bikini when they are pregnant. It looks horrible and nobody but yourself and your husband if you have one wants to look at your huge stomach. So not classy. Also your tattoos are hideous.

@ Sophie+Lane

I keep saying that using a iphone or camera in front of a mirror is not sexy but does any one listen? No. You're also right. Her tattoos look like crap.


unworthy mother. screwed ####


I feel sorry for BOTH of those children. I can only hope that a mature adult will raise them.......