Robert Pattinson Loves Jennifer Lawrence, Game of Thrones

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The usually low-key Robert Pattinson has been on a non-stop media blitz this week to promote his new movie The Rover - and we're all better off for it.

Yesterday, Pattinson revealed he wants to be a stripper. Last night, Rob shared his rap name with the world.

And today he's opened up about two obsessions we can definitely support: Jennifer Lawrence and Game of Thrones.

"She's amazing. She's absolutely incredible," said Rob on the topic of J-Law. "But we're also different types of people. She seems like she's super-confident. And I don't have that kind of confidence."

Yes, while the endlessly self-assured Jennifer Lawrences of the world go out and get things done, Rob is making like the rest of us...sitting at home waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones:

"My entire week, all I do,  genuinely all I do with my week is wait 'til Sunday so I can watch Game of Thrones," says Rob. "And if I don't enjoy the episode it will ruin my next week. I haven't loved something that much since my family."

We're with you, Rob. It's gonna be a long ten months.

The blasphemous interviewer in the video above, is the same non-GoT watcher who asked Peter Dinklage to sum up Game of Thrones in 45 seconds. Rob also hits him with a disgusted look when he reveals he's never seen the show. 

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