Jenelle Evans: Putting Baby Up For Adoption?!

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A new report claims that Jenelle Evans, whose son Kaiser is due to arrive in June, is having second thoughts about raising him and may put him up for adoption.

Evans, 22, and oft-maligned baby-daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith, 26, are rumored to be meeting with adoption agencies about giving up their unborn son.

Is there anything to this gossip, though?

Not according to Jenelle Evans' camp.

“Yeah that [report] is completely false," says a source close to the Teen Mom 2 cast member, adding, "They have never fought about giving up Kaiser."

Jenelle and Nathan share a phone, the insider adds, and "have not had one argument since he has been out of jail. They honestly have been getting along just fine."

That would be a refreshing change.

The source also revealed that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, who both have one child they don't have custody of, are super prepared for this one.

Super prepared? Jenelle Evans?

Yes, despite a shocking Teen Mom 2 clip in which Nathan apparently wanted her to get an abortion (she had one with Courtland Rogers' baby in 2013), all is well.

No, seriously. They're totes fine, the insider says.

“Why would they have chosen out a name, planned two baby showers, and also they've been buying Kaiser lots of things already!” the source explains.

“If they had any arguments about Kaiser it was about who got custody and splitting up visitation but never once have either of them brought up adoption."

We're glad to hear it and no news is clearly good news in this case ... but you have to realy wonder about the long-term stability of this twosome.

Especially when she's also still in contact with Kieffer Delp and Andrew Lewis has been creeping at Jace's daycare, Evans has a lot on her plate lately.

While 7-8 months pregnant, no less. Pray for her.


I for one wish her the best, hope she understands you can't love another person until you love yourself. I feel bad for her she is looking in all the wrong places for a man like someone is going to come along and save her "be the one", my advise to her much like her Mother, slow down, finish school be a good Mom, when the time is right someone will come along who will love and respect you. And stop dragging your life through TV the money is not worth it.


don't know what is going on


Shes a junkey. By choice. The babbies probably already a junky. By force.


Jenelle has a mental illness that she does not take the required medication for, she chooses to behave like a ridiculous brat and harms everyone around her. Her family has a history of mental illness that never gets talked about on the shows, but she may very well be passing these problems onto her children, and she seems to have not a care about screwing someone new and getting pregnant again, over & over. It is horrible that she's having yet another baby with yet another guy she picked up and took home and uses drugs with. What a mess! At the very least she should have her tubes tied.


Judgmental much?? Seriously people?? She's seriously trying to push her past under the rug. Yet, she cannot because of people like y'all that won't let her live anything down. People can change. They grow up. She may finally be realizing that she can't keep doing the same crap over and over.
Get a life and stop talking shit about people who you DON'T really know ANYTHING about! It is not your job to judge her and her life choices.

@ Annoyed

people have a right to their opinions which lead to a right to judge

@ Annoyed

most people don't want her to fail. not because of her, but because of jace and any other child she brings in the world. her mother can't raise all her kids. it's not like people are not giving her a fair shake. she put herself on tv. she constantly violates the law with serious charges and blames everyone else and figures it's no big deal.
part of being a mom is getting into it when you are stable and picking a Man/partner that is going to be there as a father should be. she had her mess up with jace. there are no more excuses now. she has done one of the biggest things that can be done and that is lose custody of jace. that is pretty hard to do, but she did.
if she learned her lesson why not get off paper, make sure you are financially stable, and in a stable relationship, get jace back, and then have a kid. responsibility isn't getting pregnant by a man you have been with for 3 months, i mean not only did he continue to get in trouble, but after knowing she was pregnant he quit his job and said he would get another one when he felt like it. they are very unstable, and she was telling her mom about her financial trouble. it's not fair to the kids or her mom. she can't use her mom as an excuse. she is grown now and knows what it is to have a newborn. she has the right to screw up her life, but not theirs. most teen moms don't get the benefits she did and she squanders it all. so her complaints fall on deaf ears. she made her situation and i refuse to feel sorry for her. i'll be happy for her if she changes, but if it's more smoke the show needs to stop putting her on, like farrah. it's showing other teens you get rewarded for bad behavior and that isn't right or what this show is supposed to be about. if u screw up repeatedly behind the same types of issues for 5 years then expect that people are going to expect what you have been producing. she can harm herself all day if it makes her happy, but she doesn't have the right to do so to her kids and think about this. if she doesn't live up to what she says then 2 kids life are in turmoil. your daughter/son could end up in a toxic relationship with her kids that ends tragically. you could be victimized by a teen age child being violent or stealing etc because they felt abandoned and unloved because of her poor choices. several lives can be ruined. it's a ripple effect.

@ Annoyed

The girl is nothing but a train wreck plain and simple. People with mental illness have no business bringing children into this world. She really should be sterilized. They should stop giving this nut air time and wasting money making a so called TV show about her loser life.




i sincerely hope that for the kid's sake she is committed to being a good mother. it is worrying to hear someone that does not have custody of her first child decide to get pregnant by a guy she had only known for 3 months and that this was planned. children should be more of a "planning" than hey you wanna have a kid? i think it would have been better for her to get done with all of her court obligations, earn back custody of jace and then decide to have another kid. i honestly don't know if she is done with drugs or that she can be stable enough mentally to deal with a newborn and a relationship.right now and jace. i can imagine when he grows up he will be resentful that she didn't care to get herself together and be a mother to him before moving on to the next lil one.
i am not wishing her to fail, but i wouldn't be surprised. her rational of how her and nathan will get along because they will be too tired to fight is just bringing the black clouds rolling. crossing my fingers she really means it. she should take advantage since she has more than 9 lives. i have never seen someone have such flagrant disrespect for the court on such serious charges and continue to get passes. that dustin must be one hell of a lawyer! i am starting to think that girl could flay someone wide open on next season and jenelle would still get off with probation.


The pregnancy was planned and she's stepping up for once and trying to be become a good mother and trying to get rid of her past. Cut her some slack. Also didn't your parents ever teach you "if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut."

@ MarieTune got a problem with w

She lost custody of the first one so what makes her think she can suddenly raise this one??? She needs to get her life together first before she can raise a child.


Unfit piece of trash!


this bitch needs to close her legs. or go on birth control. if you are not capable of raising a child, then use birth control. this white trash piece of shit hoe makes me sick. I don't understand how ANYONE would put this trash on television. She is FAR from being a role model. Gross sluts I feel bad for her children

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