Justin Bieber Sued Over Beating In Subway Restaurant

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Justin Bieber's bodyguards have been accused of assault several times in the past - and now Justin Bieber is facing yet another lawsuit alleging that his personal security staff attacked a photographer. 

An audiotape obtained by TMZ reveals a 911 call in which a man identified in the suit as Michael Munoz claims that he has been locked inside a Subway restaurant after being chased by "Justin Bieber's bodyguard."

The call was placed on the same night that Bieber was arrested for drunk drag racing in Miami.

Munoz alleges that he was taking pictures of Bieber as he exited the SET Nightclub.

Bieber allegedly became upset, and his bodyguard Dwayne Patterson pursued Munoz into a nearby Subway where he locked the door behind them and demanded that Munoz delete the photos he'd taken.

According to the suit, the bodyguard punched and kicked Munoz and then forcibly attempted to remove Munoz's memory card.

Bieber's attorney Howard Weitzman has issued a statement denying the allegations.

"This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money," says Weitzman.

He may have a point: Munoz never mentioned being punched or kicked by Patterson when he filed his initial police report and he reportedly haggled with the bodyguard at the time of the incident, offering to sell the pics to Bieber for $10,000.

So there are certainly some holes in Munoz' story. Even so, this could spell further trouble for Justin. 

Listen to the 911 call placed by Munoz below:

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