Justin Bieber Bodyguard Arrested for Assault in Hawaii

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At least Justin Bieber himself has managed to avoid controversy for a change.

But Dwayne Patterson, one of the singer's bodyguards, was arrested for assaulting a photographer in Hawaii Wednesday.

According to local authorities, this entourage member tussled with a paparazzo while Bieber and company were cliff jumping in Kauai.

Justin Bieber in West Hollywood

Police say a 29-year old cameraman was snapping shots of the artist when Patterson walked over and asked him to delete all photos.

The reporter refused. Things turned physical. And Patterson allegedly damaged the man's equipment in the altercation.

There were no injuries reported, yet Patterson was booked for third degree assault and fourth degree criminal property damage. He is free on $3,000 bond.

This isn't the first time one of Bieber's bodyguards has been accused of battery.

In June, of of Justin's security team members went after a paparazzo because the guy was taking pictures of Bieber in a skateboard park.

But if you think these incidents reflect poorly on Bieber, well... he doesn't give a f-ck.

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its ok. for me because this is ur happiness


i love u justin bieber forever and ever


i love u justin bieber forerver and ever


Really Bieber... Pull your damn panting up already. You look like an idiot. Be a man!


faci opui


faco boook




faci dai


Justin Beiber has alienated more fans in a short time than any other singer ever. He will give a f... when people stop buying his records and going to his concerts.

@ guest

Exactally... Same thing I said about Miley Cyrus. These children do this because it's for attention and they know people will give it to them. Their parents have raised them well.. Can't you tell?


He doesnt make any sense theres countless pics of him on the internet who gives a shit if some one takes a pic of you while cliff jumping get your head out of your ass dude I'm pretty sure that picture is the least of your worries