Iggy Azalea: Racist Tweets Surface; Rapper Fires Back at Critics

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Iggy Azalea is at the peak of her popularity right now and her song "Problem" with Ariana Grande is charting all over the world. 

For years prior to that, however, Iggy was a struggling Australian rapper trying to make it in the world of American hip hop.

During that time, she posted frequent tweets for her growing fan base, several of which have now re-surfaced amidst claims that Iggy is a closet racist.

The tweets and Iggy's defenses of her clearly bigoted attempts at humor can be seen in the gallery above.

The rapper never denies tweeting such offensive statements as "Just saw 5 black men get arrested out the front of Popeye's #Damn #Stereotypes."

She simply claims that at the time her "Twitter was only for family and friends to see."

Of course, many have pointed out that some of the tweets were as recent as 2012 and Iggy references the recording studio, suggesting that she was already something of a public figure.

More importantly, other irate former fans have pointed out that Iggy should be held responsible for her views and statements whether she was a celebrity at the time or not.

Azalea seems to hold the belief that racist comments are somehow less reprehensible if they're made in private (not that Twitter is private for anyone), a view that her PR team likely wishes she'd run by them before using it in her own defense.

Ironically, this scandal comes just a week after Tyler the Creator remarked that Iggy "stinks" ... prompting the Aussie rapper to attack him as "immature." 

Naturally, Tyler's comments about Iggy now seem pretty tame by comparison.

Iggy is currently dating Nick Young, an NBA player who is African-American.

Check out the gallery above to see Iggy's tweets and decide for yourself if the up-and-coming hip hop star is bigoted or simply misunderstood.


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