Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Bieber Hooked Up, Gross Report Claims

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Miley Cyrus has done some pretty strange things with her tongue in the past year, but this is going too far.

A new, widely-circulated web rumor claims that Miley "hooked up" with Justin Bieber's 38-year-old father, Jeremy.

We wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear that Miley and Justin Bieber hooked up (particularly in the wake of the news that Justin is not moving in with Selena Gomez), but the idea of Miley and Jeremy together is too gross to contemplate.

Not because he's twice her age or the father of one of her peers, but because he's Jeremy freakin' Bieber.

Last we heard from Jeremy he'd been accused of "kung-fu kicking" a woman in the face, breaking her jaw in two places. 

While that might be the worst thing the Biebs' dad has been accused of, it's far from the first report of horrible behavior connected with Jeremy.

Some have even gone so far as to blame Jeremy Bieber for Justin's downfall, noting that Justin's troubles seemed to begin right around the time he started spending less time with his manager Scooter Braun and more time with his father. 

With all of Jeremy's hard-partying, predatory ways taken into consideration, we still don't believe for a second that he's romantically involved with Miley Cyrus. Not because we think too highly of him, but because we're sure Miley's got better taste than that. 

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man justin bieber is hot if i was selena gomez i wld have kept him by my side man i cant wait until i become a singer cuz thts my dream is 2 become a singer and date justin bieber!!!!!!!(: (:


wow justin bieber is hot man i cant wait 2 become famouse lke him and 4 miley ur stll pretty but u were more prettier wth long hair i hate selena gomez jst cuz she dated justin bieber!!!!!!!(:


very very ugly this
not like miliy cirus


He looks the total badass that Justin wishes he could be. Miley is probably savvy enough to avoid him even though he might be a good shag.


I wouldnt be surprised if they did it seems like something miley would be into its got that wtf factor and plus he is kinda hot for a dad


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