Tila Tequila: My Baby Saved My Life!

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Is Tila Tequila pregnant?

Yes, according to the VERY troubled former reality star, who posted a photo of her supposed baby bump online last week and wrote that she is "10 weeks" along.

And now Tequila is doubling down on this claim, opening up to Us Weekly about the impending child and the affect it's having on her life.

"It has been quite a painful journey for me, and I never thought I was going to make it out alive,” says the star, whose fiancee died in 2010 and who went to rehab in 2012.

“So to be able to do a total 180 and finally be blessed with my first child gets me so emotional that I can barely even handle it."

"The only difference is that now these tears I cry are of joy, and no longer of sadness."

Tila admits that various points in the last few years have been “hurtful, embarrassing, and sometimes erratic,” but adds that she is now “finally healed.

"I truly feel that my baby has saved my life, and I will do whatever it takes to give my little baby the whole entire world!" Tequila tells the celebrity gossip tabloid.

"I know I'm going to cry so much when the baby is finally born later this year."

Tequila, who is widely believed to have exaggerated or lied about a suicide attempt and pregnancy before, has yet to reveal the identity of her baby's daddy.

Many naturally still question whether she's actually knocked up this time.

About four years ago, the unstable celebrity also claimed to be expecting. She then Tweeted about a miscarriage and said she would be adopting a child from Russia.

Neither of those events took place. But, hey, Tila has been out of the spotlight for awhile now - and maybe she really has turned her life around.

"I just want my baby to be proud of me and to know how much I love him or her," she says.

"To love someone else unconditionally is one of the best feelings in the entire world, and I hope I will have plenty more pregnancies to come."

Here's hoping?


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