Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez: Don't Blame Me, You Drunk!

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Justin Bieber is reportedly far from pleased that he's being blamed for Selena Gomez's rehab stint, saying his former flame is a party girl through and through.

The addiction problems that resulted in Gomez checking into rehab are hers and hers alone, says Bieber, regardless of what he and his friends do for fun.

TMZ, citing "sources with daily Bieber contact" (Lil Za?) says the star and his posse are laughing at the "bad influence" claims reported in the press.

That's because Selena, they say, is always the drunk girl at the party.

Bieber acknowledges he gets trashed, too. There's no dispute there, nor could there possibly be, given the stories, photos and videos we've all seen.

What he does dispute is the idea that he corrupted her, seeing she was known to smoke just as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdo them.

Justin's camp say Gomez was/is very into drinking alcohol as well.

So what's with the story that she went to rehab because of him?

Justin apparently feels Selena's parents are behind that narrative ... because they despise him. In his eyes, he's a convenient scapegoat for them.

As we previously reported, Bieber's camp warned him to stay away from her, believing she is the bad influence here, despite her good girl reputation.

The Biebs' brushes with the law are well-documented, and his handlers think she indirectly fuels that, as he tends to act out when he's hung up on her.

As you can see, the finger-pointing appears to be reciprocal.

For his part, Justin's happy she's out of the picture because she's just too high maintenance and out of control - a far cry from what Gomez's people say.

Whatever and whomever is to blame for their issues, it's a far cry from the good ol' days when Justin took Selena's virginity and all was right with the world ...


I though so from the beginning. First it was reported that she was in rehab, for just to relax. Then it became something else. She has issues just like a lot of other stars and they don't want it to spoil her reputation. I hope that she gets it together. The first step is telling the truth and taking responsibility for one's actions.


Melissa your right and selena I am ur fan please tell me something back like tell me something I don't know


i am a bieliberi will remain till the last breath of my life.....i think...selena is a bad influence fr justin.......as i thnk th prsn whp knws bst is justin..wht be done n wht nt....it dsnt mean i hate selena...but wuld alwys be in justins side.justin u r just awsome n i luv u....i dnt cre wht ppl tlk abut u..u r my idol and u wl be i wl allwys luv u..u rock


Fuck Selena she is sick and alcoholic she just can't resist Justin!


Fuck Selena she is suck!


But she was the longest. Sad to see this #missAlexRusso


Selena, listen girl you gotta leave jb for good.. Rebuild your career show us your p

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I'm not a belieber or a selenator. I'm not on either side, but I think we can all agree they've both partied a lot. I can understand why Selena would want to do this to Justin's reputation (that's all ready been ruined enough) at this time. Considering what he's been doing recently, it can be believable to many that JB could have actually done this. Good job, Gomez! You are an amazing planner! If this was true, Justin would obviously say it's not and try to so somehow prove it wrong. He'd actually say, "Don't blame me, you drunk!" to her. But at that time, he'd probably be drunk too. . . The only ones who really know the truth are Selena and Justin (if he's been sober while this has happened. . .)

@ Lily H

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