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Damon Salvatore is a cold-blooded killer.

It has to be said. Yes, the guy is handsome… and funny… and witty. But he got dumped by Elena – actually, correction, he dumped Elena first – and he reacted by going on a killing spree.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 followed up Damon’s devouring of poor Aaron with him and Enzo teaming up to also murder the head of Whitemore security and nearly take out Jeremy Gilbert.

Nathaniel Buzolic Almost Played a Salvatore

Is the character past the point of redemption?


We all get our hearts broken, Damon. Go take out your emotions on a pint of ice cream, not innocent human beings.

Elsewhere on the final Vampire Diaries installment until February 27:

  • Katherine had a blast pretending to be Elena, clearly setting her sights on winning Stefan back. But Caroline may be on to something being off with her best friend. Either that, or she’s jealous that “Elena” and Stefan are getting close again.
  • Bonnie stumbled upon a witch in sociology class who helped her locate Dr. Wes at the orders of Damon.
  • Matt was taken hostage by Nadia after figuring out that Katherine really is Elena.
  • Enzo and Damon found Wes, only to b confronted by a group of Travelers. They enabled Wes to stick Damon with his magic elixir that forces vampires to feed on other vampires.

Will Damon kill Enzo? Will Stefan race to save him? Will Katherine ever be found out? Will Jeremy return to wearing wifebeaters?

These are the pressing questions fans will face during the hiatus. Visit TV Fanatic to watch The Vampire Diaries online and sound off on the latest episode now.