Justin Bieber: Told to Stay Away From "Bad Influence" Selena Gomez By Advisors!

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Justin Bieber’s inner circle, including manager Scooter Braun, have reportedly advised him to steer clear of Selena Gomez ... because SHE is a bad influence!

No, we didn't get that wrong, although it seems like it should be the other way around. “The message has been sent,” a source close to the situation said.

“There is always so much ridiculous drama involving both of them."

Well that much is true ... but how is Gomez to blame for it?

Douche Lord
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"They fight constantly and Selena loves to keep Justin hanging. He always acts out after they fight. Selena is just not good for Justin," says the insider.

"They need to stay away from each other.”

Just how toxic the pair can be together was laid bare in those alleged Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez text messages that went viral earlier this month.

Her camp has denied that it's real, while his has been mum on the subject. Regardless of whether the texts (below) are legit, the drama certainly is.

Still, after Justin Bieber's arrest for DUI drag racing, resisting arrest and driving on an expired license last week, the anti-Gomez warning seems odd.

In the wake of the arrest, Bieber’s camp notes that Gomez was at his Calabasas, Calif., mansion the night he allegedly hurled eggs at a neighbor’s property.

She had romantically reunited with her “Baby” a few days earlier, having been photographed tooling around on Segways in his exclusive neighborhood.

The girl is just plain bad news overall, Team Justin believes.

“These are very young kids essentially, with no adult supervision or guidance in their lives and it shows,” a source close to the troubled star added.

Guess ol' Scooter and Jeremy Bieber are not getting it done.

While many see Selena as "a positive influence on him because she has her act together… he does act out a lot more often than (not) when he deals with her.”

“Justin also does really stupid stuff to try and impress Selena. Frustratingly for his advisors, he gets so much negative press, but Selena never does."

Bottom line, his advisors say, is that she may be a nice girl, but "If Justin were to cut off all communication with Selena, he would be in a much better place.”

What do you think: Should Justin and Selena be together?


What kind of influence is Braun? Is he the genius who told Ariana Grande that collaborating with Chris Brown would be a good idea?
She's going to alienate fans who don't think woman beating is OK. Rubbing against Chris Brown doesn't clean up his image dirt just rubs off on her.


Clearly theyre in love... Its more about maturing rather then them being bad for each other. Bieber needs to learn to control his emotions, and he obviously has other problems which is making him act like this. His team especially his manager are all enablers!! And i agree with one comment saying that selena maybe telling him to get rid of them. Which is why i believe the manager is trying to hurt her (there have been some suspicious things goin on regarding his artists and gomex). As for Selena , she is not a bad indluence. If she were they would have said this a long time ago.. She just needs to learn to not retaliate when bieber does crazy stuff (which i think she is figuring out). The peopke at fault are biebers team and his money hungry parents. Gomez is trying to help but she can do but so much until it starts affecting her life emotionally and mentally.. Thats when she pulls back and he acts up.. So its a lose lose situation unless bieber fixes himself. They could easily have a promising future together if he just confronts his demons and if his team backed him up


This is the biggest crock of sh*t. The texts have been proven to be fake. I doubt anyone said that Selena is a bad influence. If anything, everyone knows she is a good influence.

@ Kellie

im with you kellie

@ Kellie

Can you show me the proof please? I know it wouldn't take much to fake some texts but I have to say, my initial impression is they sound pretty legit to me.


Hi my name is c$ Selena Gomez you know probably you are number 10 out there but your number 1 in my heart love you and singing is crap

@ Collin

Hi justnbeeber


Those in denial or guilty ALWAYS try to turn things around. Him going off after they fight has NOTHING to do with her. It has to do with HIS immaturity & inability to handle his emotions or deal with them in the right manner. Doesn't matter if she was there the night he egged the neighbors house either. She also did NOT twist his arm. She did NOT make him drink, smoke marijuana, drive drunk or drag race in a residential neighborhood. We ALL do stupid stuff, especially as teenagers but most kids learn their lesson, ESPECIALLY after something major like the bucket incident or the egging. He's almost 20, NOT 12. He CLEARLY needs to grow up but sounds like his manager & those around him need to grow up as well.


Scooter Braun is pathetic.... He and Justins pals are clearly the one that is a negative influence on this little kid...


the only bad influence in this whole issue is Justin! i was his like biggest fan, until he goes all nuts, and is being a bad influence to his fans, i will always love him because he is my brother in christ, but he needs to grow up. he did however loose me as a fan. i am also a HUGE selena gomez fan, and it makes me want to cry that Justin is saying that she is a bad influence:( you know Justin, you DO NOT deserve her! Love you Selena!!!:) oh and selena is totally right, GO TO Rehab Justin!!!! btw, I am only 12 Justin and you totally broke my heart. i just wanna throw the movie Never say away i am so mad.




Time for a little stint in Rehab or Jail. Get rid of that Vanilla Ice hairdo....Sick of hearing about this kid.....What does he sing anyway? Baby Baby Baby? Yes he is a little baby trying to play Big Boy....


They are right, she is a short dumpy little spic who is a big twat, I'm guzzling whore. He deserves better

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