Scott Disick's Father Passes Away

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Two months after losing his mother, Scott Disick is now dealing with another family tragedy:

His father passed away this weekend.

Scott Disick at a Fashion Show

No cause of death has been released for Jeffrey Disick, but our thoughts go out to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

Disick never commented publicly on his mom's passing, though sources confirm he and Kourtney Kardashian attended a small funeral for the parent to whom he was very close in early November.

Jeffrey, meanwhile, was a real estate developer. He and his late wife raised Scott as an only child in Long Island.

In 2012, Jeffrey was arrested for grand larceny.

He eventually pleaded guilty to guilty to a misdemeanor charge of petty larceny, paid $6,500 in restitution and was sentenced to 140 hours of community service.

We send our prayers to Scott and his loved ones.


Scott sorry to hear about your parents It is time for you to move on past the Klan like Bruce did and make a better life for yourself. The Klan were raised by a mother that is totally selfish and raised them the same way. Rob is different but very sweet and ignored. Move on.....


Dear Scott,
I am so sorry for the loss of both of your parents. My prayers are with you. Mimi


Dear are so thought of in this difficult time, I am grieving with you I am so very sad, you and Kourtney and all are like an extended family to all of us who thouroughly enjoy watching your kindness on TV. God will hold you in this time.....its difficult but you'll pull through Scott, we love you.


Dear Scott my son pj and I send our thoughts and. Love from south africa


Scott so sorry for your loss brother. Find comfort that your mom and dad are now together eternally in the arms of God.


get over it money cocky think you have it all figured out something happens you think the world is going to stop people lose lives everyday people better and more imporant.

@ devil

you have no class. nobody is better or more important than someone else. Losing parents is heartbreaking and no amount of money or fame can replace family. Scott knows that, we all have lost someone we love it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve sympathy for his losses. He's an only child which to me makes it all the sadder.


iam your biggest fan you are good guy when i am on my computer i know it is not my business but i want to say something i know it is sad for me to read it and i know it is hard for every body to lose people who we love i know it is hard for you to deal with i know it is sad is it ok for me to give you advice dont forget your parents love you i know you love your parents think about the things you like to do with your parents but they still love you right you just have emotions i understand where you coming from it happen to me before look how many people i lost it was really hard for me i am the one have really bad emotions i lost 3 people it is not fun i know it is sad to put with i know it is hard to let go the people we love but they always be in our heart i know it is pain it is ok to cry about it i know we both dont know each other sorry for your lost dont forget everybody still love you dont forget your children love you i know it is hard for you just take it easy i know it is really hard for you to up with i know you are not ready to lose your parents but dont for get they love you listen to your heart ok


So sorry for your loss Scott. My parents passed away nine months apart. The first was so hard, I was very close to my Father. My Mother passing was a shock. My Son who was six at the time of my Mothers death ask my Daughter who was ten,"Why did Grandma have to die." My Daughter answered."Because Grandpa missed her." Thoughts and Prayers are with you.


Psalm 139 says that God saw us in our mothers womb and in his book was written all the days ordained for us.Your treasure is in heaven now.Take some time to rest and reflect. You have two beautiful children to raise.You have to be a great example for them as the world can be a tough place to live.Meditate on the Psalms as they will comfort you.It goes on to say how precious also are thy thoughts to me,O God.How vast is the sum of them.If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. That's a whole lot of love.Praying for you and Kourtney.



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