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Ready to take a “Trip Down Memory Lane,” Real Housewives of Atlanta fans?

That’s what Bravo named the latest installment of this reality series, as The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10 forced us to curse the stupidity of Chuck and his focus on what happened between him and Phaedra… in eighth grade.

What did you think about that, Phaedra?

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Exactly. This look says it all.

Then Chuck went on about the “six different chicks” he had “stashed in corners,” which included Kandi and, wow. Our hats almost need to go off to the guy.


Mynique would have then been thrilled to see her husband drag Kandi’s supposedly cheating ways into the conversation, without Kandi even being around to defend herself.

“I was the big homey for a lot of people,” Chuck said in response to how many women he’s banged. And, again, he’s nearly admirable for his bravado.

Elsewhere, the episode featured a stop at Dairy Queen (yum!) and Porsha being told by Kordell to either come home or leave for good, prompting her to finally declare a divorce.

Finally, we end with the trials and tribulations of Cynthia Bailey. First, she learns her sister is sticking around for two months. Second, she tries to talk to Cynthia about money and communication issues, only him to say he wants a man cave of some kind.

And who will be paying for that, dude?

Sadly, Cynthia acknowledges that her marital dream is becoming a nightmare.

What should this unhappy couple do next? Sound off now and watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to catch up on this episode.