Justin Bieber Writes Initials in Snow With Urine, Colorado Residents Look on in Disbelief

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Troubled pop superstar Justin Bieber really knows how to mark his territory, and we're not talking about his musk lingering on the body of Selena Gomez.

We are talking about piss.

Yesterday, the singer urinated in the show in Snowmass, Colorado. Nearby residents saw this, and looked on in disbelief, according to a TMZ report.

This is the photo:

  • Justin Bieber Pee
  • Bieber Crotch Grab

An eyewitness says that the singer was driving through town when his motorcade (of Escalades) pulled over to the side of a road in a wealthy residential area.

Surrounded by bodyguards, Bieber hopped out of his ride and proceeded to take a leak in the snow. Bieber had peed his initials "JB." Then he bounced.

After he disappeared, stunned residents in the private neighborhood went over to inspect the scene of the public urination. One of them took the image above.

No word if that piece of history has melted yet.

Bieber, of course, is reportedly hooked on drugs, in need of rehab and facing felony egg-throwing charges, so this is likely not the smartest thing he's ever done.

Then again, at least there's no video ...

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LOOK its posted by TMZ they dont like him becuase of an april fools prank and they just want to make him out as a prat ( which he is not ) some people .not all. need to open there eyes and see that they are just some people who work in an office tryig to spread bull about people who r
better then them


FYI, it's not Butt Naked, it's BUCK Naked.


so when you;re peeing, thinnk of sick justin biebery, folks!!