Justin Bieber Poses with Siblings, Tries to Look All Sweet and Innocent

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We somehow doubt this is a coincidence.

Hours after he allegedly egged the house of his neighbor, and not long after footage of his curse-filled confrontation with that man went viral, Justin Bieber took to Instagram and posted a pair of adorable photos.

One is of him and his sister, the other of him and his brother.

Justin Bieber with Sister
Justin Bieber with Brother

Might this be a desperate attempt by Bieber to garner some positive publicity?

We'd have to imagine so. He wants fans to see him as cute and cuddly and loving... and not as some entitled, spoiled, anger-filled celebrity who would actually THROW EGGS AT SOMEONE'S HOUSE.

Bieber, of course, suffered a major hit to his reputation in 2013. From peeing in mop buckets to sleeping with women in Brazil, his innocent persona went out the window almost as soon as he split from Selena Gomez.

But with talk of those two maybe getting back together, many fans have been hoping this new year would provide a new start for The Biebs.

Instead... this.

Justin almost definitely hurled eggs at his neighbor's home and got into a swear-laden screaming match with the man in front of his 13-year old daughter.

What are we gonna do with this guy, people?!?

UPDATE: Sources now say authorities will definitely pursue FELONY charges against Bieber.


Little snot! Give him the chair.


I know you bastards would like to see him jailed without even hearing his side of the story out of hate: But there are facts not revealed in this article. First, than man lied in both saying Bieber aimed eggs at his daughter [where is proof of that] and second he said their was no provocation; there was according to tweets from his own tweeter page. His friends admits to throwing stuff on his property before that. Also, this fouls mouth father is one who who has complained numerous times about him who is hardly in the neighborhood; one of his complaints, that he was spat upon, was dismissed by the D.A. More will come to light.

@ ivan

The eggs were thrown at his home, they were aimed at him and his daughter, COMMON SENSE! And everyone treats this BASTARD like a fucking GOD, he's not. He has to freaking take RESPONSIBILITY for what he's done! Simple.


I doubt if Bieber even threw the eggs. The neighbors probably just said he did because they want to try to get money out of him. The neighbors could have thrown them theirselves or anyone around could have thrown them. Bieber probably can sue the neighbors and police back if they try to pursue the story, which could easily be made up or false, to try to extort the Bieber.

@ Harold Gibbons Goodacres Jr.

TMZ has been in league with Justin's neighbors to try to ruin him; one person on tweeter who lives a couple of blocks away claims he has been approached several times to, in effect, lie about Justin being offered payment for juicy details against him.
P.S.In London, Scooter, his manager, was approached and told to lie about Justin thinking Scooter was a parent around march. Fact checking Journalism is dead.


justin is showing the size of his penis to a two year old kid?

@ Mister+Baja

More like the attitude of a 2 year old. My 4 year old has more respect towards people than this self-entitled child.

@ Mister+Baja

You are showing the brains and compassion of a two year old

@ Mister+Baja

lol... either that or how much he missed when throwing that egg.


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