Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Rumors Slammed By Source: They Haven't Seen Each Other in Months!

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were rumored to be back together and getting serious, according to various tabloid reports from the past month.

Insiders allegedly close to the couple are dousing that fire, however, claiming that the reports are not just premature, they're totally off the mark.

Robsten hasn't even seen each other in months, sources now say.

Many fans were no doubt excited about the reports that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson could be rekindling their romance following their epic split.

Speculation ran rampant after the duo stopped by Rob's Beverly Hills rented mansion in October, driving in convoy. That "secret meeting" was real.

It was uneventful, though, and they haven't seen each other since.

A source told E! that there's no truth to claims that they're back on and that aside from the meeting in October, there's been no in-person contact.

Describing the October meeting as "very platonic," the insider said it was "just a meeting to catch up and talk about their dogs," nothing romantic.

They also slammed claims that Rob and Kristen are set to reunite over Christmas, or that the actress was crying on Thanksgiving because of Rob.

Another insider says that Rob "reached out to Kristen to congratulate her for Camp X-Ray being selected for Sundance" and invited her to London.

It's unclear if she plans to take him up on the offer, but that, at most, is what we're looking at as far as Robsten's reconciliation potential right now.

The two getting married or even dating? Don't hold your breath.


Ohhhh! Its all bullshit....why dnt u leave them alone........


I dis agree they have everyone in the dark including friends family media they k what their doing leave them alone love them both


Most of what you have read about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the past few months is false. It's all part of an elaborate "reunion hoax." Read about it at the link below of Google if for yourself.
Shocking Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Reunion Hoax Exposed


man i love u rob and want to meet you once in my life. You r very cute. Ooh i really love u.... I am ur biggest fan ever....


This is all lies, how many sources that give info to these magazine. Their friends are very tightknit and will not betray Rob and Kristen confidence. I believe that Rob and Kristen have been contact with each other and secretly have met up... As for those so called sources, no one even their management or family, so called friends tries to control what they feel about their each other.... What stays private stays PRIVATE between Rob and Kristen. Get a life and leave these two people alone


So, will ya STOP now, HWLife. They are not together anymore. Leave them alone already.


so whipe your ass with gossips!!


Here you are quoting "E" as a source when their "sources" reported Kristen was in Paris for Fashion Week tonight...she's in Dallas Texas but "E" couldn't bother to check the facts. Really guys you should just stop posting other tabloids stories, it's pathetic.

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