Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: 100% Together, Possibly Eloping!

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Believe the tabloid cover, people: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may totally be getting married!

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, there is no debating the status of this formerly estranged couple.

"They are inseparable and 100 percent back on," a friend tell the magazine.

But that's far from all.

Following months of back and forth, along with rumors that Rob was dating Dylan Penn, this pal says Pattinson and Stewart recently enjoyed a weekend getaway to "discuss their future" and they "decided they can't live without each other."

To be specific?

“Marriage was definitely a topic of conversation.”

But don't expect Rob and Kristen to go all Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on us. They may actually tie the knot without inviting a single camera to the ceremony.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they just suddenly eloped!" the insider says. "Kristen is adamant that they should fully commit and move forward. Of course, she was the one who suggested running off to get married.”

Unfortunately, Pattinson's friends are frowning on the relationship, believing Kristen is "toxic" for the star and that he shouldn't forgive her for that affair with Rupert Sanders.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And did anyone ever doubt these two would find their way back to each other?

We're so happy for Robsten!

Love trust

Some people need to be may their own business because no one is perfect in this world people make mistakes and we learner from it


I am so Happy for the both of them, if this is true. They have the right chemistry and are true soul mates. All my best wishes to them


For all of you Haters, love is forgiving.


life and style are complete liers and you should not believe anything they say without proof


Rob, please please please please please please don't do the same mistake again please. Whatever u do please please don't go back to that b.... . She will heart u again any time please please don't go back to her please. I am Maryam and I love u every scince I saw u I harry potter 4. And yes I have tolareted every thing what Kristen did to u. Please don't make the same mistake again please. I don't want anything from u all I want is u to be happy, a happy peaceful life for u. So please please don't let Kristen do watever she want please don't go back to her please. Yes I was really worried about u for all those were that b.... Have batrayed u, insulted u all the time. Please don't heart ur self please don't go back to her please she will do the same think again please. Love u bye

@ Maryam atiya

you need to calm down. He won't see this. As far as I know he pays no attention to the tabloids these days. You should probably go see a doctor and get some help.

@ Maryam atiya

Dear must be a youngster....young teenager. Your comments are really scary. If you're not a young, young need meds. I feel bad for you. You should talk to a doctor about your hysterical behavior.

@ Maryam atiya

I'm so embarrassed for you. Truly - I feel sorry for this guy having fans like you.


another stupid story from life and style!


if it is true...i am michael jackson! ha ha ha!!! = )


I hope they are back,but all this about them getting married now!PLEASE it's too soon to even think about that. In Touch, life&styles & hollywood life are terrible and lie a lot


there friends not happy they are together? Not there decision is it, and none of their business.
as far as the affair goes, lets not forget it takes two, Rupert was the father of those children and married he should have known better.
I hope the best for them love them both..

@ scots

Shouldn't she have known better too. No is the word not spread them


R u People telling me that no one knows where any of the players are??? R we sure Kristen is in NYC still. This few days sure is stretched out. More and more people are signing on the project as days go by. Big names I wonder what is attracting them to the film???Didn't all the haters out there say that she can only get indies. You guys are blowing smoke out your ears. She likes indies because they are always challenging. You do realize that Twighlight started out as an indie don't you??????We know what is attracting backers to American Ultra. KRISTEN!! Ok boys and girls are you ready to admit she is a player for very high stakes?? She may look like a train wreck right now but that is what the part calls for. Again how many beautiful stars would allow the director and producer to have make up on that does not enhance their beauty??? Come on I know you know the answer...

@ Daisy Duck

No she isn't a good actor at all. she is the same character in every movie. I hope she took some tips from Charize and Rob that meaning get into character

@ Diane

We think you're blowing smoke out of your ass. Sing k-stew's praises all you want but face reality Kristen Syewart is a lesbian

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