Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Getting MARRIED**!!!

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OMG OMG OMG. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting married! We never would have guessed, but it's true, according to this reliable source!

** - Minus the true part, and reliable source part.

Determined to break news even when there is no actual news to be broken, Life & Style has scooped the dream Robsten wedding we've all pined for.

Only problem? It's not real. Minor details ...

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Getting Married!

According to the publication, despite the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson last year, the duo is not only back on, but getting serious.

They're even discussing their wedding plans!!!

The locale appears to be Palm Springs, FYI.

All is not well in the land of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, though. Despite her "scheming" to win him back, his friends are said to be unhappy.

The English actor's family, too, has been warning him "don't forget what she did to you" and collectively wondering just WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!

They are already trying to stop Rob from going through with the wedding, the mag says ... which could be convenient when the plans are "called off."

Well played, In Touch. So very well played.

Last we checked, Robsten was at least hanging out again, and some have said they're friends with benefits ... so a reconciliation is not out of the question.

Still, don't save the wedding date just yet.

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I think thy must married each other when I saw there first movie twilight I love there couple please Robert you must married Kristen


I must say that I agree about Robert because I want to be considered a true fan. I do not know who all these friends are living off Rob's dime, but a pit of rattle snakes would be better. Now he said he drinks. I do not know about drugs. I have seen him smoke cigarettes. His mother needs to butt out of his business. Also his bloody sisters. Victoria and Lizzy. Everyone wants Robert for one thing. His money. Robert please for your sake, retain a great barrister that deals in money only and start setting up trust for yourself. Kristen has her own money. She does not need yours. Robert listen to me, families with a rich celebrity change. Look at Michael Jackson, River Phoenix etc. Please Robert, you may never marry Kristen, but watch your family and so called friends.


Kristen Stewart announced her engagement over face book on December the 15th, so this may seem more real than you give it credit.

@ mj mailman

That is an outright bloody lie. You are disgusting mj mailman.


Hahahahahahahahahaha too funny


I think the will live happy ever after like the movie


Seriously... this has been proven false on a few websites... Leave them alone.


Rob must marry her. They have a true love as after that split too they couldn't forget each other. If I was at Rob's place I shall have given Kristen a chance more with all my TRUST. Now it is his choice, It is their life. well ROB-STEN still rocks in my heart and i cant carry their split. Since they had a split my love story is also jumbled with my darling. "Rob marry Kristen, Believe ur die hard fan and marry her"


Despite her "scheming" to win him back. What are they referring to? From what I saw in publications they broke up......they were both upset and they both went back to work...she went over seas to do Silas Maria, got a couple of tats, saw pics of her hanging out, site seeing...what have you., He was "connected" at least in publications to several different females, put his house up for sale, did at least 1 project ...went to more than a few "reported" parties. I saw recall no scheming. The only funny thing printed was Rob supposedly using "doggy play date" to see Kristen.... Good heavens that made me reminded me of junior high....but I have no ill will against either one. I just wish them both the best. either together or apart.


I agree with you carolb, Kristen and Robert should get married and tell his so call family and friends, to stay out of his business and leave
him and Kristen alone, to live their lives the way they want to.
I am of fan of both and will support them. I wish them both good luck, I wish them peace, lots of happiness and love so be of good cheers, and be happy and don't let no one get in the way of your happiness and love, just love each other and be faithful and true, and always keep your communtcation open that means talk a lot OK! just stay faithful to one another love from a fan.


Robert Pattinson is a grown man. His family needs to butt out of his life, especially who he chooses to love and want to be with. His friends are temporary and should not have an opinion that matters enough to even be mention by the press. I'm pretty sure most of them are just hangers on,living it up on Rob's dime. From what I've read about Pattinson, he's a generous person. His "friends" will ALWAYS discourage Rob from being in a committed relationship, his sisters as well. Why? Because a committed relationship or wife means she might interfere with their CONTROL of Rob, his activities, how and what he spends his money on and ACCESS to him. If he places more emphasis on her, they might get excluded...and THAT just cannot be. Oh no... they must eliminate Kristen Stewart,, she is a threat to all those other people in Rob's life owning a piece of Rob.. It's ALL aoubt the $$$ for them. Trust me, they block Kristen now. If Rob dumps her as all his friends and family want, the next girl he gets serious with will be blocked by them all then too.
Robert Pattinson needs to grow up, stop being dependent on what his family, her Mother, his friends say and want...and do what his heart tell him. It hasn't been long ago we were hearing about Rob's nonstop partying, cocaine use all over LA, being drunk very often and we have read about his love of alcohol before... Yeah, some friends he has eh? They and his family want THAT kind of life for him... and possibly DEATH for him. NO! If he wants a committed relationship with Kristen, thats GOOD for him. She doesn't mess him up, she gives him stability and inner strength. His friends and family are LYING if they say she is bad for him. THEY are bad for him and gonna get him killed like River Phoenix and other young stars who just partied too much, using drugs and alcohol too much. I say leave Rob and Kristen alone, family and friends. Mind your own business and let Rob be the man he is...making his own decisions. If it doesn't work out, he and Kristen will and should be the only ones to figure that out, not YOU.

@ azure

I so agree azure. All these bloody people want Robert's money. These people will block Kristen and any other women.
Do you remember when Robert said he missed Kristen so that he would use the dogs to get her back. Everybody went spastic. Then the picture of him asleep in the back of his car, I pray that they don't stoop to stealing his money. Kristen will
make a great wife for him. She worships the ground he walks on and she will take care of him.

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