President Obama Snaps Selfie at Nelson Mandela Memorial Service: Funny or Foul?

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Funeral selfies are all the rage these days. Even world leaders are getting in on the new craze, as we saw this week at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

Yes, President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt snapped one, as seen below.

Michelle Obama? Not impressed.

Obama Selfie at Mandela Funeral

The photo shows the three smiling for a smartphone as the First Lady of the U.S. stares into the distance, likely not approving of funeral selfies.

A series of hilarious follow-up photos show Obama laughing along with Thorning-Schmidt and touching her arm before turning inexplicably somber.

After all, Nelson Mandela died Friday and now "belongs to the ages," as Obama himself says. Does a man of such gravitas deserve more respect?

Emily Post, the renowned etiquette expert, says it's never okay to take selfies at funerals. Do you agree? Or are we making too much of a lighter moment?

Funeral selfies: Bad taste or good fun?


this is what happens when you take the black BOY and put him in the white MANs position of power..inept loser'bama

@ Juan

Agree... First black president and the world is falling apart.

Samuel stone

Why isn't anyone talking about the selfie that was taken by Obama and Cameron in Johannesburg at the private party after the memorial? It's way more unsettling.


I think it's great. They can now say they were present at the funeral together.. p.s they are still human and it's human instinct these days..


First of all who cares. What's the big deal?! Not that I like Obama.. But really who cares he's taking a pic of himself. Wait the world is gonna end now people!

@ Meeee

Who is me?


He is COMPLETLY detached from what's going on in America. He is determined to give retribution to his color by way of Healthcare but the problem is the small business & middle class if feeling the brunt of it. The media kept his secrets covered up and now we are 1 year into his 2nd term and his secrets are out. He gets no respect because he deserves none, he doesn't catch a break because of karma. The people that voted for him should be embarrassed. As far as the "Selfie" I wouldn't expect anything less from him.


This is disgusting. He is disgusting. WTF is wrong with someone that they would do this? He is not 12 years old. But yet he seems to act that way. I have not found one good thing to say about this president. Everything he has done has raised the cost of living for the middle class. He supports the poor and wants them to live well. Therefore he makes the middle class suffer. All of us who work for a living in turn get screwed over because we have to pay for our own expenses and theirs. He makes everything a joke. This is a perfect example of that.

@ Stacy

100% agree with you, Stacy! He's disgusting and despicable. What president would EVER think it's appropriate to take immature selfies at a funeral???!!!

@ Rayna

...this was not the funeral.
This was a memorial. At the time that this selfie was taken, there were singing, dancing, and laughing all around. It was not fully somber, as people were reveling in Mandela's legacy.
So, nope, no funeral.


people must celebrate mandela changed history.
.......WHY GRIEF?

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