Pretty Little Liars Clothing Line: Coming Soon!

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Forget the mysterious, the murders and the sex.

We alll know Pretty Little Liars comes back to one thing: the fashion!

With that in mind, fans should take note of this great news: in partnership with Aéropostale, costume designer Mandi Line will soon be coming out with a clothing line inspired by the ABC Family hit.

The Pretty Little Liars

“It’s been a dream come true. It’s become such a passion project on both sides. All of us have become like family within the last three or four months,” Line tells EW of the collaboration. “I’m so protective of the show and the fans, but the more I work with them, the more I see that they’re really open to everything I’m saying.”

Details remain scarce, but the items will be inspired by each character's style and sell for between $18 and $72.

The Pretty Little Liars Collection by Aéropostale will be available nationwide exclusively at the brand’s retail stores and on its website on January 5.

And, yes, that date was chosen for a reason: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 resumes on January 7.

Until then, you can watch Pretty Little Liars online to catch up on anything you may have missed.

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