Ian Somerhalder Poses for Annex Man, Talks Fashion

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There are many ways in which one can drink in the handsome appeal of Ian Somerhalder.

You can watch The Vampire Diaries online... you can toggle through our gallery of Ian Somerhalder photos... or you can pick up the latest issue of Annex Man, which features a handsome pictorial of the 35-year old star.

A couple examples:

Ian Somerhalder Annex Man Cover
Ian Somerhalder in Annex Man

In an interview with the magazine, Somerhalder opens up about his fashion sense.

And, as he does on so many topics, the actor has a great deal to say.

"For day to day looks, my style is themed around effortless comfort. I’ll often hear ‘Beauty is pain’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth for me!" Ian says. "If I enjoy the texture and I connect with the story behind the piece - be it sustainable harvesting, manufacturing, distribution or a “giving back” component from that company, I will feel confident and comfortable wearing that item.

"But face it, I’m a dudes-dude who likes easy comfortable jeans and t-shirts to keep an otherwise and increasing more-complex world a bit simpler…”

Hey, man. Whatever works! And it all clearly works on Somerhalder, as you can see here:

Ian Somerhalder, Up Close
Ian Somerhalder Annex Man Pic

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