Miley Cyrus on Instagram: Free the Nipple!

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Considering how she rode around on a Wrecking Ball in her birthday suit, it's rather obvious at this point:

Miley Cyrus has no problem with nudity.

In fact, the singer wants to see even more nudity out there, and she's joined a grassroots movement that takes issue with the problems other people have in this regard.

The 21-year old posted an Instagram photo yesterday of herself holding a rubber nipple, giving a shout-out to the Free the Nipple campaign, which says on its Facebook page that it aims to "decriminalize the female body."

It also wants to "protest the backwards censorship laws in the US" and takes issue with the media's glorification of violence, asking:

What is more obscene nudity or violence?

Miley Cyrus Holds a Nipple

Last month, Miley told a BBC program that she believes men are held to a different standard than women and expressed frustration over the flak she's received.

"Guys get to show their titties on the beach, why can't we," she asked. "I don't understand the double standard of life."

Neither do we, Miles. And if this new campaign helps produce a few more instances of Kate Upton nude, we only have one question:

Where do we sign up?!?!??!?!?

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This piece of trash should hook up with Bieber....two losers...


"And if this new campaign helps produce a few more instances of Kate Upton nude, we only have one question: Where do we sign up?!?!??!?!?" holy shit, you completely missed the whole fucking point of the campaign.


Wow, she has become such an attention whore.


No wonder other countries hate us. This talentless hag is corrupting our youth.


Miley you are a twat and need to kill yourself ASAP You are a talentless cunt who needs to go away forever

@ DicknoseGermanotta

Jeeze isn't that a little OTT even if you are kidding, which I hope you are. If not you're one scary dude.


I hope she isnt hanging out with kanye


Because rape


Go Miley. What you are doing by way of expressing yourself is no worse than Madonna back in the day regarding her sexuality and gyrating with cone shaped breast or Lady Gaga walking around in a pair thongs. You are not "Hannah Montana" you are "Miley Cyrus" and I applaud you. I'm 52 and I love your free will and tenacity. I think the reason why they're giving you hell is the fact that you, a well bred, all American, country fed White Redneck Chic (I don't consider you a Redneck) is consorting and performing more urban music and hanging with Black rappers. You are not trying to be Black, Ghetto or a Banger. You're just trying to be you, make your paper and rock on. And you do just that. Twerk away Miley! BTW, I love your video with Future and Mr. Hudson.


Once again Miley opens her mouth and sends women's rights out the window. WTF does a
Pampered white rich girl know about what today's average women want? Stick that rubber nipple in your mouth.