Hawaii Official Who Verified Obama Birth Certificate Dies in Crash, Donald Trump Alleges Conspiracy

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Loretta Fuddy, the director of Hawaii's Department of Health who verified President Obama's birth certificate, died in a small plane crash this week.

A commercial plane carrying Fuddy went down off the coast of the Hawaiian island Molokai Wednesday. The respected state health official was 65.

Fuddy is best known nationally as the Hawaii official who verified and approved the public release of Barack Obama's birth certificate in 2011.

Fuddy said the documents "prove the fact that he was born in Hawaii." Naturally, birthers weren't about to let her tragic death pass without mockery.

Early reports indicate that the plane she was in suffered catastrophic engine failure, and that the other eight passengers on board were rescued.

Naturally, many Tweets, comments, and web posts from the "movement" quickly insinuated that Fuddy's death in the Cessna crash was no accident.

Some implied that the White House was "tying up loose ends," or that those with ties to Obama's past tend to have a "shortened life span."

And, of course, the King of the Birthers, Donald Trump, weighed in:

Trump Tweet - Insane

Wow. You keep it classy, Donald. Just keep doing your thing.

Trump aside, her life and successes are being celebrated.

A new report by the United Health Foundation, American Public Health Association and the Partnership for Prevention, confirmed that Hawaii is the healthiest state.

Hawaii House Speaker Joe Souki said Fuddy “was especially passionate about the most vulnerable in our communities, a champion for mothers, newborns, and early childhood care."

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said “Loretta was deeply loved and respected. She was selfless, utterly dedicated, and committed to her colleagues and to the people of Hawaii."

"Her knowledge was vast," the governor added, while "her counsel and advice always given from her heart as much as from her storehouse of experience.”


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