Miley Cyrus: Naked, Riding Wrecking Ball in New Music Video

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For her latest music video, Miley Cyrus has left her foam finger and her Twerking teddy bears at home.

Also, her clothes.

Yes, the "We Can't Stop" singer keeps things simple and very naked in the official video for "Wrecking Ball," riding around in her birthday suit while straddling the apparatus after which the track is titled.

The footage starts with an extreme close-up of an emotional Miley - but as the single speeds up and the words pour out, there's Cyrus, ditching her clothing and scarcely cover up her private parts with a giant chain.

Prepare for many more days' worth of headlines and controversy over a 20-year old exposing her body in such a manner and react to the "Wrecking Ball" music video now:

This Miley Cyrus music video is ...


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I like


Your ugly loser


Just one more thing. Just how far would any of us go for the filthy lucre that this kid is hauling in. Yeah ! I don't like to think about that either. Also, and it hurts me to say this...the kid can't sing!!!


First of all the boo hoo nakedness here is a joke. Skip back a few pages and you can see pic after pic of girls just as famous as Miley gettin' screwed up the gee gee, in living, almost life sized color. Come one ! this is 2013. This entire video is a disgrace to modern show business. The entire thing was just what you could expect from a high school mentality. What's wrong about it is all the interest it is causing to all of us including myself. Naked fakous! you could walk down the street in most modern cities painted that way -- as a matter of fact people have. Get real. This entire mess is an indictment against the current worlds insanity. Don't worry about Miley, a few years from now she will be a married mother and a has been. Worry about our culture's values.


Hey Kid ! You're makin' it ! What can one say ? I don't like your trip, but get it while you can !


Jasterthemaster really? O_O yawn


I really dont think people understand this video..
1. its a breakup video explaining things addressed to the fans and the guy
2. its a last ditch effort to get him back
3. the nudity is symbolic of not hiding anything aka baring it all

@ Jasterthemaster

Deep, man, Deep ! Juvenile, Kiddyish, Bobby soxy remember them? Definitely teenish, so "Ho hum" and good by Miley. Who needs a career anyway?
PS Did I forget to add -- ACHEY BREAKY ?


She's looked like a bitch.

@ Merybelle

Well, Mery Belle, when a girl falls back on buck nakedness to suceed she usually is a bitch.


Attention sponge.
Do not care, she looks like justin bieber now.


Whoa! First of all she is another one heading for problems...and 2nd, she really isn't all that.....Another mess.