Prostitute Describes Sex with Justin Bieber as "Super Delicious"

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Earlier this week, a video surfaced of Justin Bieber sleeping in bed.

However, according to a Brazilian prostitute, the singer did a lot more in bed than merely sleep during his recent visit to the South American country.

If you know what she means!

Following reports that the star spent hours inside a brothel last Friday night, an anonymous hooker tells some site called Critica (dot) com that she totally slept with the Biebs.

She was paid $500 for her efforts, allegedly!

The woman says she met Justin at an adult nightclub called Le Palace.

She and about 10 other hookers were then taken back to his hotel and had their bags and cell phones confiscated by the artist's security team.

Obviously (see Tatiana Neves Barbosa video below), at least one phone slipped through the cracks. But no Bieber sex acts were filmed at least.

Back to the hooker, once she got the 19-year-old alone with her?!? Bieber kissed her "on the forehead and nose" - and that was merely the beginning!

“I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything!” she asserts, claiming the hookup last for an hour and it was "delicious."

Actually, scratch that. It was better than delicious!

"It was super delicious," the alleged prostitute says.

"Because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him ... he’s a love of a man! A cutie patootie!”

Alas, she says the singer's penis is merely "average."

Bieber, meanwhile, finds himself in legal hot water, but not simply for possibly maybe having crazy yummy sex with at least one Brazilian hooker.

He is also facing vandalism charges in that country.


The woman says she met Jusitn at an adult nightclub called Le Palace.

She and about 10 other hookers were then taken back to his villa and had their bags and cell phones confiscated by the artist's security team.

so what if he have sex? Does being famous ban having sex? Go justin don't stop


Who gives a shit. No really.


what is he thinking ?


I have a feeling this hooker may be full of shit and seeking attention... But either way Bieber was thrown into the fast track at a young age... Its no longer he's already off the rails. I really think he's a good kid, and he's really talented. It's a shame that he's under such a white hot spotlight right now. I really hope he can collect his life and safely and privately retreat from fame.


Go justin! Go Justin! Go Justin! Hahaha

@ DarkAlex

shut up


Everyone who defends Bieber on here is a dumbass! The kid is obviously out of control and the fact that people are still buying his concert tickets shows how stupid his fans really are. For god sakes, he spits on his fans!


Justin is capable of ANYTHING! He is making so many dumb decisions and it is a shame because he has such an amazing voice. Hope he is smarter than his mother with regard to choices or he will fall and fall hard. Many before him have lost everything including respect.

@ Ashley

How is he capable of anything?
he sings. thats it.


Why would justin bieber pay for sex? He'd just have to go out and say "wanna have sex with me?" and propably she would do it.


She's so full of it! He probably paid her to say that and/or she smells $$$$ and fame. She`s thinking if she`s plays this right, Justin will take her back to AMERICA!! WoW!


ooooh!jus cnt bliv that it rly happenned,,cmon justin is jus too smart for that he cnt du that

@ chrissy+sichinga

You seriously cannot even spell "do" correctly? Waste of an education.


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