Justin Bieber Spotted at Brothel in Brazil; Singer Sneaks Out With Two Women

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Justin Bieber tried to sneak out of a notorious brothel in Brazil while covered in a sheet on Friday night, but alas, he was caught in the act by photographers.

The 19-year-old and a friend spent more than three hours inside the popular whore house Centauros in Rio de Janeiro before leaving with two women.

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Justin Bieber jumped into the back seat of a car while the women, whose faces were also covered, were put in SUVs and escorted back to his hotel.

Bieber’s security team covered him with a bed sheet bearing the sex-slinging locale’s logo as he departed the establishment, the N.Y. Post reports.

One of his handlers even sprayed down celebrity news photographers with water, demanding they stop snapping. Of course, that obviously failed.

Chalk up yet another story to his increasingly long list of semi-shady antics.

No one knows for sure what happened in the club or afterward, but he was definitely there, and won't help any efforts to woo Selena Gomez back.

Nor will it help his reputation, which has taken some serious hits of late.

The photographers, who were tipped off about Bieber’s visit to the brothel earlier in the night, confirmed it was the star through his security team.

He was also identified by his gray wraparound wrist tattoo, which is visible in some of the photos taken of, and his signature sneakers, said witnesses.

Always pays to go incognito when trolling for Brazilian hookers.

Another report says he was kicked out of his hotel in Rio, where he and his crew were partying for days, doing drugs and generally disturbing people.

The singer, who was staying at the upscale Copacabana Palace hotel in southern Rio, then moved his entourage to a mansion in a gated community.

No word about the community's policy on prostitution, but at least he helped build a Guatemalan school last week, so maybe that cancels this out a little?

Justin Bieber: Good role model?


I would love to fuck him up one good time so this little bitch wouldn't think he's on top of the world


bibre eu sou a sarh una fan numero 1 toda ves que aminha mao deixa eu jogoar no coputador eu an tes eu vou colocar a sua musica eu ticonvido pra vose vir pra minha casacolina asu rrua curio qula dar trese loti 31


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John r goodson

Justin is involved in buying women. Most prostitutes are under 18 and are forced into the occupation because of poverty. Trouble is the pimps keep most of the money. These girls are forced to have sex with up 20 customers a day. Often with our condoms. If they refuse the pimps will beat them and sometimes kill them. Most of these girls will wind up dead from sucide, drugs, or at the hands of pimps or john's. For more information Google human trafficking.

@ John R. Goodson

gata yo se

@ John R. Goodson

da eu we


I <3 you justin bieber


Eva Medes is a beaner making baby machine . Stay away from Beiber Eva . Your parts are too old!


Eva Medes is a beaner making baby machine . Stay away from Beiber Eva . Your parts are too old!


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Damn that's a good looking guy . His gold chains say : I'm the one in control. His soft lips let me know where I should hide the sausage . Bag me up now I'm a Beliber


heres the thing. people suck. hes being manipulated. he might not make some great choices. but some of the things people are saying are just complete bull shit. its funny. reports say witnesses but do they ever put out names. no. some of those people just want to say that stuff to make him look bad. remember mariah or watever the hell her name was. she wanted attention. and to bring him down. it worked. and from then on people have just been ass holes trying to do the same while staying anonymous. im not even famous and i honestly hate the paparazzi. they obviously have nothing better to do then stalk celebrities for money. thats honestly sick and i believe should be illegal. (my opinion) sure they can take pictures at events and stuff like award shows but standing outside a persons house. id never want to leave. thats right down ridiculous. fucking get a life people

@ merp

regardless of whether witnesses are real or not, he has definitely smoked weed, smoked cigarettes, gone to a brothel, peed in a bucket, tried to start fights.. etc etc.

@ Angie

1. You're acting like smoking cigarettes is a crime. 2. He smoked a little weed which isn't the best choice, but in all honesty he could have done something a whole lot worse. 3. Almost everyone tries to start fights with people. 4. Don't ever go to the country if you think it's so bad he peed in a bucket, cause we will go pee about anywhere we can if we can't get to a bathroom instead of peeing ourselves. 5. The only reason anyone cares is because he is famous. Get over yourself for real.

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