The Real Housewives of New Jersey Scoop: Dina Manzo Ordered Ousting of Jacqueline Laurita

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Dina Manzo may be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But in order for Manzo to come back to the series she quit in 2010, the reality star made a demand of producers: Give the boot to Jacqueline Laurita.

  • Dina Manzo and Dog
  • Jacqueline Laurita on Blue Carpet

Jacqueline tells the latest issue of In Touch Weekly that she's aware of Dina's role in her ousting, dissing her sister-in-law to the tabloid and saying:

“I understand why Dina wouldn’t want me on the show: She doesn’t want to address family issues on-camera!”

What’s behind this family feud? From where do Manzo's issues stem?

“Dina started it because she wanted Caroline and Jacqueline to quit the show when she left," claims a magazine source. "They didn’t, so this is her way of getting back at them.”

A major casting shakeup is set to take place on Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Caroline is out. Jacqueline is out. And insiders say Amber Marchese and twin sisters Nicole and Teresa Napolitano will come on board when the series returns in 2014.

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The Feud is this: Dina's brother Chris was engaged and set to marry Dina's good friend. Then Chris met a vegas call-girl and knocked her up, so he broke off with fiance, and married his call girl-stripper--cosmatologist. Strain begins. The stripper feels overwhelmed by these really classy New Jersians, and the aggressive new sisters in law. The stripper feels inadequate and feels bullied. So she gives info to her BFF that BFF uses against Dina, about custody and forging a contract to let Dina;s kid be on the show. The stripper also plants a rumor that leads to a criminal investigation that Dina's charity is a fraud. The stripper likes to get the feds involved on allegations of fraud, a trick she learned as a call girl. Did the same thing to Theresa, with that Monica Cheban woman, secrets, and federal investigations. Jackie is one crazy ass cray cray vindictive monster.


Who is Dana Manzo to be making demands? I didn't miss her when she left.Doubt I will watch this one anymore.


Who is Dana Manzo to be making demands? I didn't miss her when she left.Doubt I will watch this one anymore.

@ shirley weaver

Someone Andy wants on the show who will honor the demands made


Get rid of Melissa she's so fake and Kathy. If Caroline and jackie leaving I am not watching. Who the hell does Dina think she is....


get over yourself Dina Manzo. you should learn respect and how to lose
some of that pride. get off of that high horse and make peace with
your siblings. your sister and brother obviously learned something
from your parents that you didn't.


I do not know id I WILL BE WATCHING the house wives any more without Caroline and Jacquline, the casr now is the only reason I watched it.


......she wasn't a licker anyway.