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Pauly D’s baby mama, Amanda Markert, is a lot like someone you would expect would be Pauly D’s baby mama, if you knew that such a person existed.

The 25-year-old Hooters alum worked as a VIP hostess when she and the Jersey Shore star got drunk in Vegas. Nine months later, Pauly D is a father.

She certainly looks like a girl who knows how to have a good time:

Ronnie, Pauly, Vinny

Now a mother of two – the reality star/DJ is not the father of her first child – she is now battling Pauly for custody of their five-month-old baby girl Amabella.

Pauly has never met the child, but has acknowledged he’s the father (and confirmed it via a DNA test). He believes Amanda is unfit to be a mother, though.

Maybe mentally. She looks pretty “fit” based on these photos


Specifically, Pauly, 33, fears that she treats the baby girl like a winning lotto ticket, yet is not capable of raising her adequately. So he wants custody.

They hate each other now, incidentally. Yeeeeeeeah, buddy.