Miley Cyrus Dons "Reefer Fever" Shirt, Gives Shout-Out to Justin Bieber

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This is likely not what Justin Bieber needs right now.

With a photo of the singer seemingly smoking weed making its way around the Internet, Miley Cyrus posted a picture to Twitter this morning of... Justin Bieber smoking weed!

Miley Cyrus Reefer Fever Shirt

It's a selfie of Cyrus wearing a tanktop with the words "Reefer Fever" around Bieber's head, and the artist accompanied the shot with simple two-word caption: "FO LIFE."

Cyrus, of course, talked down to Bieber in a recent Rolling Stone interview, basically calling the guy immature and saying he's in danger of become as irrelevant as Vanilla Ice.

It's unclear if Miley intended this Twit pic to be something funny or jovial, but she has since deleted the image and it's hard to imagine Justin or anyone in his camp reacting very positively to the shirt.

How do you feel about Miley posting this photo? It's...


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He I love u and I go to ur concets a lot

@ sheily

Hey I love u I want ur number

@ sheily

Hey jb u need more masucle and why do u cheat on every beatufull girl and ur first girl friend was a little girl and that was so fat and ugly


Justin isn't the only that is immature...Miley certainly fits in with Justin...

@ Dawn+Doran

You sound like old fogeys.They
are kids & they are acting like
kids.However, I would not like
to be the mother of any kids,


So happy I have no teens who find all this BS cool!


JB smokin weed pot is Inappropriate.


I am soooo sick of Miley Cyrus. I wouldn't pick up one of her CD's if I found it laying in the street. Most of her pictures are hideous. Her ugly mama isn't much better.


he is still the incontinental baby boy, folks!!


Agree to u both. Sick n tired of attention wh.... U know!


Dumb and Dumber. If I were a fan of either I would really have to take a reality check. Idiot adolescents gone wild and Networks pipe this shit to your tube. Unreal.


A publicity whore has no friends.

@ Default+Setteen

It sound like that Miley has no friends...