Jenelle Evans Glad She Didn't Have to "Take it in the Butt" Like Farrah Abraham

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Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are two young mothers, reality stars and walking cautionary tales who seem to resent being compared to one another.

Case in point? A recent tweet that Jenelle re-tweeted from a follower that looks like a direct shot at the Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom's career.

"At least @PBandJenelley_1 didn't have to take it in the butt to stay in the public eye," read a message on Twitter that was re-tweeted by the star. "F**k Them!"

It's true ... Jenelle Evans has not made a "leaked" porn like Farrah. But her reasons for staying in the public eye are not exactly what you would call enviable.

For example, she goes through guys like she does drugs, aggressively. She started using a long time ago and does not appear to have stopped.

Even after a couple of rehab visits, she went on to get arrested for heroin possession in April and thrown in jail for failing yet another drug test in August.

Meanwhile, her son Jace is being cared for by her mother Barbara Evans.

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Farrah Abraham, meanwhile, is continues to care for and have custody of her four-year-old daughter, though she basically thinks Sophia should get a life.

As in "do her own thing" and not get in the way of Farrah's "thing," at all. Yes, she's made it clear how high parenting sits on her life's priority list.

The sex tape star has just revealed plans for a sex toy line, and has a DUI arrest under her own belt, so it's not like was Mother of the Year material anyway.

At least she hasn't lost custody of her toddler, however, unlike Evans.

Still, should Jenelle (or Farrah) be casting judgment on the other? Which of the two do you think is the poorer parent? And can either pull it together?

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I think none of them should speak because none of them is perfect but I really think farah is more successful than jenelle.


Jenelle can cast judgement on Farrah. If Farrah cared at all for her toddler, she would hand custody over to her mother instead of trying to ruin the kid. Instead, she has blacklisted her mother from the toddlers life, because she called Sophia while the two were at the airport, ( or someplace like the airport) and she didn't tell Farrah she had Sophia on the phone. Make sense to you? Me either. Furthermore, back in the teenmom days, Farrah had her mother arrested for hitting her, and when the truth was revealed, we found out it was she who hit her mom and her mother protecting herself that landed her butt in jail. What kind of person does that to their mom? On Jenelle's worst day she is more intelligent than Farrah.. To tell the truth, Jenelle makes more sense than a sober-Farrah while she's high on drugs. There is something to be said for a girl who can admit they need help raising their child... Farrah can learn a thing or two from Jenelle. It's not the ideal situation, but if you are unfit, at least do whats right for the child.. That doesn't include waxing their face either. Farrah is a narcissist and all of her pinions are based on the delusion that she is God. She needs help


Both of these young women are PATHETIC cuz Farrah takes it's her sex in the butt and Jenelle takes her Drugs in the Arm, Nose, Mouth. Don't know why either one would talk about the other. Jenelle stayed high all the time and ran behind men so her mother had to take custody of her son and Farrah didn't want her mother to really be involved with raising her daughter and now I'm sure since Farrah has become a porn star her mother has her child all the time while Farrah chases a career


Farrah isn't the first mother who bared all (and then some) to provide for her child. Evans hasn't done it yet, but then she doesn't have to provide for her child cause she lost custody of it and someone else (US) is paying to feed and shelter it.


Nah, all Jenelle had to do to stay in the public eye was abuse her boyfriends and spend all day with Mary Jane and then cry and blubber about how she failed her drug test. Personally, I'd rather take it up the butt.

@ sarah

She didn't do that for her child.. If that we even close to the truth, she wouldn't continue going with this sex toy nonsense. "Teenmom sex toys, get'em while they're hot?" Can we say delusional? Because that is exactly what she is if she thinks men are dying to buy a molding of her vag. ewee... She made plenty of money in her backdoor debut to, IDK, finish college, so she can provide for her kid long term. Unfortunately, as long as their are idiots like Farrah in the spotlight, we will have like minded idiots making ridiculous excuses for her narcissistic behavior. How could anyone think it's smart of her to spend the sex tape money on this ridiculous toy line?? She should further her education.


Farrah has a kid an doesnt want it. Janelle gave hers up cause she knew he could have a better life I think farrah is the worse mother and needs to wake the fuck up she is 4 yrs old u cant tell her to get a life.

@ kanomie

Jenelle Evans did not willingly give up her son like the show portrayed the video of her attacking her mom was given to court so either way he was going to end up in the system I wish everyone would quit patting her on the back for that.


no, Farrah doesn't take care of her kid. her parents are very wealthy and due to her life style, she shouldn't even have custody. they are both sluts. and I agree, wtf are we reading this trash for. me, because I wanted to write about these two losers as moms.


WTF are these people and why do you write about them. tHG has turned into a major ornery site.


Sorry @abe, that wasn't supposed to be directed at you.


What a couple of serious LOSERS. Neither of whom deserve to be anyone's Mom.

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