Cristy Nicole Deweese, Texas Teacher, Under Fire For Playboy Past

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Cristy Nicole Deweese, a 21-year-old Spanish teacher at a Dallas-area magnet school, has come under scrutiny for her Playboy modeling past.

She posed for "Naked Outdoors," modeled in a simulated lesbian sex scene, and was Playboy's “Coed of the Month” in February 2011. Hot stuff?

Depends on who you ask. She intended to become a Spanish teacher 2-3 years ago, in those modeling days, and went on to achieve that dream.

But Deweese, who modeled under the name "Cristy Nicole," is finding that her racy modeling past isn't sitting well with at least one parent at her school.

A Texas Education Agency spokeswoman told the Dallas Morning News that while there's no illegal activity involved, the issue is potentially "murky."

State ethics standards hold that teachers should be of "good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise" youth. That's obviously subjective.

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Some people have vocally criticized the school, while Twitter users who claim to be Deweese's students have reportedly taken to social media to defend her.

“She’s a teacher now, not a Playboy model anymore! Leave her alone guys," one wrote, while others offered similar praise of her teaching abilities.

While it remains to be seen whether the district will act on the complaints, it's not the first case of a racy past coming back to haunt a current career.

Earlier this year, Florida teacher Olivia Sprauer stepped down after photos of her modeling in a bikini came to the attention of the school's principal.

In February, Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King resigned amid a scandal involving a pornographic video she shot before she was crowned queen.

What do you think: Should Cristy Nicole Deweese be fired?


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What, is she taking her clothes off in front of the kids? Did she plaster her picture all over the bulletin boards? Did dad get caught yanking it to her picture? Lastly, who hasn't had a bit naught picture taken of them? Hell if I looked like that, I would want everyone to know. According to "Let's Ask America" 52% percent has had a "indecent" photo taken.


I don't understand why Americans are fighting the taliban since the have so much in common - like their attitude against women and their dysfunctional hangups about nudity and the human body. ^^


Listen can either be a teacher...or pose for playboy...pick one. id rather you did playboy and didnt speak to my child.

@ duh

The problem is that these bitches get a degree or certificate at 22 job at 23 and at 24 they have the maturity level of a 15 yr.old. No curve or screening for a girl that couldn't get laid in HS now she wants to make up for lost time.

@ Lulu

Or maybe she needed the money to finish her schooling and is a better person to your kids than you are. Just because she posed for playboy does not make her a whore or any less of a person. If you have gone to school to get a degree then you know how expensive it is and need to shut up before talking bad about other people who had to work hard to achieve there dream.

@ Lu

She says in an interview video, the one where shes eating beef jerky, that she had everything paid for, and they she did it for extra cash. And she sounds like brain dead in the video, like she has a hangover or something. Everyone commenting is looking at her as a sex object, not as a teacher. Teachers need to be ROLE MODELS, and need to be RESPECTED. She is just a stupid kid, who made a stupid decision, she doesn't deserve to be a teacher, or a role model to anyone's kid. She a dirty hot teacher fantasy, not a respectable teacher.

@ Lu

@ TAMMY.............. that is in fact an HONEST living... so get the FU*K off your high horse... you suck!

@ Lu

Oh no I don't think your comment is correct. Your saying that it is ok to support yourself by taking off your clothes and that is not ok. If she thinks taking off her clothes for money is ok then her morals are wrong and maybe she shouldn't be teaching children. Their are other ways of making money to put yourself through may take you longer but isn't that what we teach our things the honest way and not the fast way. All her peers are putting themselves through school to, most of them are doing it honestly.
I do think she should be let go, her morals are off.


those Damn american hypocrites. Just Stop this behaviour.
This lady is the best bet for your children's future!!

@ abe

sorry ABE was not supposed tobe directed at you was to be directed at the idiot above you... I apologize.

@ abe

There is nothing wrong with taking off your clothes to make money! She did everything LEGAL and the only people who have a problem with her taking off her clothes are the up tight prudes who do not think with their own minds and make their own decisions.... they follow the pack and end up a kool-aid drinker. So put your kool-aid down and form your own opinions..... I use to strip for a living and my children are all well aware of it. I am not ashamed and I could care less what anyone thinks about me... And my main question is how did this ONE parent who has the problem find out she was a past playboy bunny? Could it be by looking at playboy... so we have another idiot who says do as I say not as I do. WTF..... she is a teacher and as long as she teaches her specific subject and does it good.... leave her the hell alone!

@ Slcw

I'm guessing you were sexually abused as a kid. Like, no healthy, happy little girl grows thinking "I wanna be a stripper when I grow up". There is a time a place, just because people enjoy the sexual thrill of watching porn, or watching a stripper, doesn't mean they want their kids doing that when they grow up. They don't see you a person who made a career decision, they see you as a sex object. Some people don't care about that, oh well, most parents do. No one wants their daughter growing up to be like you, or miss Cristy.