Chris Brown Arrested For Felony Assault; Singer in Custody, Gay Slur Involved

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Chris Brown has been arrested for felony assault.

Insiders tell TMZ that an incident took place around 4:30 a.m. in Washington D.C., as Brown allegedly got into a fight with a man outside the W Hotel and started punching him repeatedly.

It is not believed that the singer was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

As of this writing, the 24-year-old R&B star is in police custody, while the victim is being treated for injuries at a local hospital.

The artist, of course, remains under probation for his felony beating of Rihanna in 2009 and this arrest may be grounds for a violation of those terms.

If so, he could be sentenced for at least four years in prison.

Prior to the altercation, Breezy - who claims he's a beast at sex - had been hosting a party at a nightclub nearby.

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UPDATE: According to reports, a woman approached Chris Brown in front of the W Hotel and asked to take a picture with him. The singer obliged.

However, just as the picture was about to be taken, two men rushed over to get in the photo. It's unclear why, but the situation quickly turned violent.

The star allegedly, said, "I'm not into this gay s--t, I'm into boxing," and hit the alleged victim in the face. Reports say the man Chris hit never threw a punch.

The fight was then taken to the ground until it was eventually broken up, the police were called, and Brown was taken into custody. Pretty amazing.

Story developing ...

UPDATE: Chris is being held without bail and will stay in jail until at least tomorrow, when he can go before a judge. He'll likely be cut loose then.

The victim claims Brown broke his nose and he may need surgery.

The man admits that he and a friend photobombed Chris and the two women, but says he's shocked that the singer went nuts and could be "so homophobic."

He says he will "absolutely" press charges against Brown.

Sources close to Brown say the alleged victim was actually trying to get on the singer's tour bus, and Brown was simply trying to stop him from trespassing.

Story developing ...


You know I suspect this guy was sexually abused as a child.....:/


how was a gay slur used


Off to jail, you can not just go around beating people up.

Jeff soule

lola: How does one "hate on" someone? Can you "hate off"?

@ jeff soule

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No-one knows exactly what happened yet.This tHG can't even
decide how many women were there.If these guys rushed Chris Brown, stupid are they?
Yeah.I bet the guy is gonna charge,esp. after a gay slur,right.
More like looking for a payout.
Most people will use any excuse
to hate on Chris & that has made him feel persecuted & easier to
anger.To wish him to go to prison
is really screwed up & just belies
one's own hatred & nastiness.Oh,
now he's a crack addict?Too bad
he didn't punch out that little white Deejay in the mouse costume.

@ lola+d.

Punch the little white deejay? You are a real prize aren't you! Phony and obsessed. Do you need a black rapper? Is that it? I bet you would make a good Mudshark! You are twisted and you try and act like Little Bo Peep. You are the modern day white woman I'm guessing. I bet your ass stays up nights thinking of how only YOU could understand his inner most emotions. You are not bullshiting anyone. He is a jive ass punk bitch and that's on his best day.

@ Sims

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I won't waste my time replying
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very limited knowledge.
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hopefully this time he will go, and stay, in jail, so we dont have to deal with his violent nature anymore. why risk the safety of innocent hard working white people because this crack addict is loose on the streets?




If Obama had a son he'd look (and act) like this chimp.....T N B

@ Tko

racists much?

@ jiff3

Lots uf them.*



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