Squirrel Drops Nut From Pole, Reacts in Hilarious, Devastated Fashion

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In devastating news, a squirrel recently dropped his nut from atop a telephone pole when tragedy struck and a slight misstep sent his breakfast tumbling down.

Incredibly, a photographer was there to document his stunned reaction:

Poor Squirrel

To answer the obligatory question: Yes. This is somehow a real photo.

Ajeet Vikram, the photographer, said that the poor critter had just finished scurrying up the pole with his bounty at the moment of devastation - and disbelief.

The 27-year-old from India set out to take photos of the sunrise that day, but happened to zero in on the squirrel and capture his expression of abject terror.

"The squirrel was going up and down the pole, then suddenly climbed on the top and started to eat something. This made me want to take pictures," he said.

"The squirrel had some kind of nut, which he dropped. When I saw the [picture], I thought 'Bingo.' it was mind blowing. My friends all call me a real photographer now."

As for why he was intrigued by such a simple animal to start with?

"I really like squirrels," he said. "I think they look really innocent."

Particularly in life-changing moments of such raw emotion.

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