Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Arrested For DUI; MTV Star Says They Were "Trying to Have Sex"

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Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Nathan Griffith was arrested for DUI after police pulled them over early Saturday - and you won't believe the reason they got stopped.

The drunk Teen Mom 2 star told cops they were rushing home to have sex.

“Honestly, we were trying to have sex,” Evans told a North Myrtle Beach policeman when he asked why Nathan Griffith, 25, was swerving on the road.

A policeman then asked: “That’s why you guys were all over the road?”

“Yeah,” replied Evans, who is still married to Courtland Rogers.

Jenelle clarified that the couple was not actually engaging in sex in her 2007 Toyota when the officer quizzed if he was “touching” her whilst driving.

They were just in a really big hurry to get home and get naked.

In any case, Griffith was arrested for DUI, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license.

En route to the station, he also puked in the back of the cruiser.

Evans bailed her boyfriend out of jail at a cost of $5,000.

During the arrest, the officer recognized the mother of toddler Jace as “the girl on MTV.” To which Jenelle Evans slurred and laughed, “Yeah, unfortunately."

The officer also asked the obligatory, million-dollar question to Jenelle, inquiring if she had taken drugs, to which she retorted, “No, no, definitely not.”

There's your silver lining for this ridiculous report.


That poor little girl!!!


''nasty ho


trying to fool LAPD?


She wasn't in public - she was in a car


I thought how could this happen?????? Then i looked up and saw A WHITE GIRL and it all made sense.They need to change the title of 'teen mom' to "white,slut teen mom" accurate and makes total sense-take notes MTV.

@ Black Richard Turd

She's the only thing keeping that scum Kardashian off the bottom.


Yep, she is with another loser piece of trash...nothing new here.


So why wasn't she arrested for public intoxication??


These Teen moms are getting worse by the day....They should take their kids away from them.....


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http://cort.­as/5m3N Why would you even admit that if it were true! Trash!!!

@ Wering553

Fuck off and buy ad space, loser

@ Wering553

Go get a fucking job loser.


Why would you even admit that if it were true! Trash!!!

@ Amanda

My thought precisely! Did she think by using the "shock effect" that would make the officer 'go EASIER' on loser-BF??! So drunk he VOMITS in the police cruiser?! Wow - real winners here!
I have to agree that being "a teen mom" is a status I hope my kids NEVER want to achieve! Yikes!

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