Nicki Minaj Sued Over Alleged "Starships" Ripoff

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One of Nicki Minaj's biggest hit songs, "Starships," may be a rip off from someone else's music, at least according to this new allegation made public.

EDM star Clive Tanaka claims it's identical to a song he released a year before the rapper's mega-hit ... and now he's suing her over it in federal court.

Tanaka filed suit in Chicago this week against Nicki, three writers, and the producer, claiming copyright infringement on his 2011 tune, "Neu Chicago."

Tanaka went so far as to edit both songs on top of each other, and posted the end result. There are some similarities, but these things are always hard to prove.

Also unclear is what took him so long to sue in the first place. The song was a hit two years ago, and coming forward now just makes him look desperate.

So far, Gucci Mane has yet to weigh in on Twitter, but give it time.

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