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More than a year after she separated from her husband, Jenelle Evans' divorce has officially been finalized! She is no longer Mrs. Courtland Rogers.

Courtland and Jenelle Rogers

Jenelle is legally back on the market, though she was back on it, then off it again very quickly last year, getting pregnant by current beau Nathan Griffith.

She is expecting their first child (her second) later this month; Evans famously aborted Courtland Rogers' baby in early 2013 after that duo conceived.

A Brunswick County, N.C., clerk confirms that the Carolina Hurricane showed up this morning to seal the deal, becoming a (legally) single woman.

She is also Jenelle Evans again. Technically she's been Jenelle Rogers ever since they got married in late 2012, despite the short-lived marriage.

Why did she wait so long to get a divorce? State law. North Carolina mandates a year between the separation filing and a divorce being finalized.

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Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from Courtland Rogers back on May 2, but will their split be official by the time she gives birth to her child by Nathan Griffith?

The pregnant Teen Mom star hopes that with the end of their marriage finally approaching - she was forced to wait a year to file by state law - it will be.

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers

“Courtland was served with the paperwork,” a source confirmed. “Jenelle doesn’t want to be married to Courtland, she wants nothing to do with him."

“A court date set for June 2 will determine when a hearing can be held and then hopefully Jenelle can be divorced from Courtland before her baby is born."

But, for a host of reasons and possible delays, "she may not be, but Jenelle wants to be free and not married to Courtland so she can marry Nathan.”

The North Carolina couple was arrested in April 2013 for possession of heroin after calling police following an argument, and separated after that incident.

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It is (finally) all over for Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers.

Sources confirm to E! News that the Teen Mom 2 star has filed for divorce from her troubled husband, who she wed in 2012. 

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Selfie

Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin R. T. Sullivan, confirms that “Jenelle is only seeking a divorce from Mr. Rogers at this time," adding:

"She is not seeking any support of any kind. She is looking forward to a new chapter in her life."

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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers married in late 2012, but have been apart almost the entire time since. She is pregnant with another man's baby.

Why don't these two just get divorced already?

Photo of Jenelle Evans, Courtland Rogers

Turns out they can't, under North Carolina law, until later this month. A YEAR of legal separation is required before any divorce can be finalized.

It has been almost a year to the day since Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers got busted for possession of heroin, which marked their de facto split.

They had broken up and she had an abortion terminating the couple's pregnancy prior to that, but the dual arrest marked the formal filing of paperwork.

Their divorce can finally take place on April 24.

“I’m ready to get him out of my life and move on with being Jenelle EVANS again,” the pregnant reality star told Radar after her husband's latest arrest.

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Jenelle Evans' estranged husband Courtland Rogers is back behind bars at the Brunswick County (N.C.) Jail after being arrested for felony larceny.

The 28-year-old heroin addict was booked at 5:39 p.m. on March 30 and charged with a misdemeanor count for failure to appear and felony larceny.

The charges stem from an outstanding warrant for stealing and pawning jewelry, valued at over $1,000, from a friend he was crashing with recently.

Katie McMillan filed a theft report with the Wrightsville Beach police. Her family rings were found at a local pawn shop and quickly connected to Rogers.

Jenelle Evans' husband allegedly used his real ID to pawn the items.

“Jenelle figured he would be back in jail soon,” a source close to her said. “She knows Courtland can’t get his s--t together and it was only a matter of time. 

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers' arrest played out on MTV for the first time, with the exes about to face off in a courtroom.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry tried to finalize wedding plans, Leah Messer got Ali into preschool, and Chelsea Houska let Aubree spend time with her dad.

What else did we learn in last night's episode, "These Are The Days"?

These Are the Days"?

Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to catch the installment (and past TM2 episodes) in full. Then come along for THG's +/- recap!

Jenelle is facing the fallout that stemmed from her arrest with estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. Both were hit with assault and heroin charges.

Minus 350 for that debacle, but at this point, the Carolina Hurricane is already over Court and looking to start a future with her new beau, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans' friend Tori says it all when she proclaims “Finally! You have a boyfriend that doesn’t have a criminal record! First time for everything.”

Plus 250 for that line, Tori, and for Nathan.

Courtland is not totally out of the picture yet, though. At least not physically, when they're going to run into each other in court. Joint arrest and all.

#JenelleProblems = Minus 150.

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Jenelle Evans' estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, has a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly stealing a friend's jewelry and pawning it for cash.

According to reports, the ever-intelligent Rogers used his ID to pawn the rings, which made it easy to trace the items back to him. Thus, the warrant.

Courtland took to Twitter yesterday to address his followers:

"It isn't always what it seems .... Goodbye twitter"

Good to know, Court.

One can speculate that he's referring to rumors that he used the cash from the pawn shop to feed his heroin addiction, which has been widely documented.

He could potentially be charged with felony larceny, a very bad thing considering his record and the fact that one more felony could put him away for a LONG time.

The friend, Katie McMillan, whom he was staying with in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, spoke to Radar Online about what she says wend down ...

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Some celebrity couples are made in heaven, making their fans believe in romance, passion and everlasting love even at the highest levels of fame and fortune.

Just not these ones. Like at all.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, many romantic duos will celebrate with flowers, gifts, meals, dates and public displays of affection. Nauseating, but cute.

These couples, on the other hand, are best known for fighting - in the media, in person and/or on TV - and breaking up a lot. Sometimes with police involved.

Hey, when you're a celebrity gossip site, you can't function without the dysfunctional, so at least they bring the entertainment value and then some, right?

Here are 14 truly toxic twosomes that never should've been a thing:

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown dated for two decent chunks of time, the first of which ending after he beat her senseless. Never a good sign. Nor was taking him back after that, but she's moved on with Drake ... thank goodness. Good luck, Karrueche!

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Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans' husband and a hardcore drug fiend, has shared a video of himself getting high on the drug that killed Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In the wake of Hoffman’s tragic demise, as well as the loss of beloved Glee star Cory Monteith just months ago, Radar and Rogers have jointly published this.

In the sickening footage, ostensibly shared to show the impact of the narcotic, Rogers gazes into the camera, mixes the heroin in a small cap and fills a syringe.

Jenelle Evans, Husband Photo

Rogers, who is still technically married to Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2, then flicks the syringe, slumps forward and injects it into his tattooed right arm.

“I did relapse, see all my track marks,” he boasts to camera, then within seconds of shooting the heroin, Rogers slurs: “Now I am officially high as hell.”

After kicking his habit in jail, Courtland Rogers says he is now clean and determined to help others avoid the dangerous drug by revealing his experiences.

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Jenelle Evans aborted Courtland Rogers' baby, or so she alleges in the new Teen Mom 2 trailer. Now her estranged husband is reacting to the bombshell.

“Nobody told me anything,” Rogers said in his first interview since being released from jail on January 11. “I did not know that Jenelle had gotten pregnant."

"She didn’t talk to me about getting an abortion.”

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed (or at least strongly suggested) that she terminated the unplanned pregnancy last winter and that Rogers was the father.

Said Rogers, who is still technically married to Jenelle, “It breaks my heart. It hurts a lot inside. The fact that I had a kid and I didn’t even know I had a kid.”

“It’s not fair that I found out about the pregnancy on a Teen Mom commercial! I didn’t know anything until I got out because I was trying to stay away from the drama."

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