Man of Steel Sequel Speculation: Who Might Play Batman?

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Christian Bale is out.

So... who might be in?

Josh Brolin Image
Ryan Gosling with Clothes on

Following the monumental announcement at Comic-Con that the upcoming Man of Steel sequel will feature both Superman AND Batman, speculation is running wild over which actor will portray the Caped Crusader.

Jensen Ackles has shown interest.

Tyler Hoechlin will reportedly read for the role.

But The Hollywood Reporter claims the early list of contenders has been narrowed to six. They are:

  • Josh Brolin
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Joe Manganiello
  • Richard Armitage
  • Max Martini
  • Matthew Goode

Many believe the film will shy away from a major name and is seeking someone on the level of Henry Cavill when he was cast as Superman.

Taking the above choices into consideration, who would make the best Batman?


Ryan Gosling to play Batman! You kidding me right! He could play Flash but Batman --> Josh Brolin


Wes Bentley


Jensen Ackles = Batman.


Wow, what an awful list! Almost all are metrosexual wimps....Brolin would be ok, but he's too old.


Jensen Ackles seems like the best choice


Jensen Ackles is best choice


Jensen Ackles


scott adkins will be best for playing the role batman because he knows martial arts and he is not so old and he is good looking


Joseph Gordon-Levitt


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