Jensen Ackles Campaigns for Batman: A Dream Role!

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It may have been the biggest movie news to come out of Comic-Con:

Batman will play a key role in the Man of Steel sequel, which is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

But with Christian Bale having already said his days as The Caped Crusader are over, the buzz has already begun: Who will team up with Henry Cavill in the upcoming blockbuster?

Jensen Ackles Pic

Take it away, Jensen Ackles!

"Any guy in his right mind would die to play Batman," Ackles told E! News of the gig. "It would be a dream come true. I won't hold my breath."

The actor is already busy shooting Supernatural Season 9, but we're guessing he could fit Batman into his schedule if he received the signal.

Do you think Jensen Ackles would make a solid selection as Batman?


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I really want to see him in this role i hope it isn't too late


I believe he would be amazing as Batman, he is a wonderful actor, the fact that he's been with the role of Dean Winchester for a long time doesn't mean he can't play another role like Bruce Wayne/Batman and make something brilliant of it.


*reading your comments guys*
Wow, looks like only fangirls in love with Jensen are talking in here. So many subjective opinions.... Come on! I like Jensen but he's so not Batman.


Jensen as Batman? JENSEN AS BATMAN??? BWAHAHAHA!!!!! What a joooke! He's not classy enough to play Bruce Wayne. Haha Bruce with the accent of Texas? You must be kidding. And Jensen doesn't KNOW how to change his accent... (Look @ Dark Angel lol). So NO. Jensen isn't and never will be Bruce Wayne/Batman. You know, naming his baby girl "Justice" wasn't enough to integrate the Justice League XD. Good Try Jensen, good try. But huge fail!


Jensen wants to play Batman, we want him to play Batman!! Let him play Batman, cruel world!!!


Jensen ackles is an amazing actor he would play batman so perfectly


I sure he can,after he reject so many big role,probaly because something else,now there come serious role,i am so sure he will not think twice,if he need build his body he can ask to Jared,remember how Jared so bulk in season 5


Vote for this!


Sorry to break it to you guys but it is not gonna happen. Nolan is choosing an older looking man to play batman. So far it is likely to be josh brolin. He is doing the frank miller version of batman. Plus Nolan is known to be difficult to change his mind. :/


If he played Batman, I'd probably actually watch a Batman movie. I just love this man, and his acting!